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What is changing?

With version 2.140 141 we’re starting big enhancements to our Commitment feature, which will also change the data structure in that regard.


Again, we now provide a related list, which will contain all relevant, applied conditions to a Campaign Item:


Why are we doing this?

Goal of our Commitment changes is, to make the feature more flexible and comfortable for you. In the past it was only possible use one Commitment of each type for a Media Campaign and also only one Commitment Condition of each type was used for a Campaign Item.

Now you have much more flexible ways to structure your Commitments and also use multiple Commitments for Media Campaigns. This helps us to cover the more complex business scenarios. Have a look what is possible with version 2.141: 4.16.2 How to Assign Commitments to Media Campaigns



do these changes affect me?

The fields listed above a are deprecated, this means they will not be used by any features or functions within ADvendio anymore. In case of the Media Campaign fields, we build in an additional validation on the lookup fields on. This prevents you from performing any changes to these fields. Existing Campaign can still be used as before, but when creating for a example a new Campaign, you need to leave the fields blank.


Existing Media Campaigns still work as expected. We enhanced our own ADvendio feature, so that they will help to automatically migrate your exiting existing Media Campaign to the new format (for example the Commitment Selector, the commitment apply button, the Media Configuration). This means you will not have to actively change your existing Media Campaigns!

Add new relations to Layouts

In order to fully utilize the feature make sure to display the new relations and add relevant objects to the permissions of your users.