4.16.2 How to Assign Commitments to Media Campaigns


Ensuring the correct Commitments are selected and applied to Media Campaigns to ensure accurate pricing and discounts based on specific agreements.


The assignment of Commitments to Media Campaigns can take different formats depending on a number of factors. For example, whether advanced or basic Commitments are enabled, the number of matching active Commitments and whether matching has been disabled.

Advanced Commitments vs. Basic Commitments

From ADvendio version 2.140, users will have the option to enable advanced Commitments in the Administration Settings.

Basic Commitments work as follows:

  • Only one Commitment of each type may be selected for a given Media Campaign

  • Only one Commitment Condition of each type may be applied to a matching Campaign Item

  • Commitment Conditions are assumed to be valid for the entire duration of the Commitment and will be applied fully to all matching Campaign Items

Whereas advanced Commitments work as follows:

  • Multiple Commitments of the same type may be selected for a given Media Campaign

  • Multiple Commitment Conditions of the same type may be applied to a matching Campaign Item

  • Where multiple Commitment Conditions are applied to a Campaign Item

    • They will be applied proportionate to the Campaign Item runtime vs. the Commitment Condition validity

    • They will be counted proportionate to the Campaign Item runtime vs. the Commitment Condition validity to prevent over-counting

Only one Matching Commitment

Where only one Commitment matches to the Media Campaign, the Commitment will automatically be linked (Version 2.91 and up) when you create the Media Campaign. If this Campaign is an exception, you can remove the selected Commitment manually by pressing the 'x' in the Commitment selector or removing the selected Commitment, otherwise you don't have to do anything.

Automated Matching

The automated process looks at the relevant matching criteria on the Media Campaign, such as the Accounts, Advertiser/Agency Relation, Legal Entity and runtime and compares this against all active Commitments to see which ones match.

For example, if an Advertiser is set in the Commitment - the same account must be linked in the Media Campaign. Likewise for all other Accounts and lookups, they need to match exactly to the Media Campaign in order for the Commitment to match.

  • ADvendio only connects commitments automatically if only one Commitment matching

  • The validity of the Commitments can only be considered when your Media Campaign has a from and until date, either entered manually upon creation or automatically through adding Campaign Items

  • If there are multiple matching Commitments available for a Media Campaign none will be selected

  • An empty advertiser, agency, advertiser/agency relation or legal entity in your Commitments will result in matching this to all Media Campaigns no matter if that field is filled or not.

Make sure to not have "empty" active (test) commitments in your system, which have no advertiser or agency and then will match ALL media campaigns!

Example to explain the Matching Logic:


Commitment A

Commitment B


Commitment A

Commitment B


Advertiser A

Advertiser A



Agency A


Media Campaign 1

Media Campaign 2


Media Campaign 1

Media Campaign 2


Advertiser A

Advertiser A


empty or Agency B

Agency A

Matching Commitment

Commitment A

Commitment A & Commitment B both match


Commitment A will be automatically selected for the Media Campaign

No commitment automatically selected. Please select a Commitment using the Commitment Selector.

Using 4.16.4 Participating Accounts weakens this rule. As soon as you enter a Participating Account as advertiser or agency the system is trying to also match those to a Media Campaign which otherwise would not fit.

Multiple Matching Commitments

As mentioned above, where multiple Commitments are matching, no Commitment will be automatically selected. Users will need to select which Commitment should be assigned to a given Media Campaign.

Where multiple Commitments match, the Commitments which can be assigned depend on whether or not advanced Commitments are activated or not.

Commitments can be selected using either the Commitment Selector or the Commitment Selector button, both of which will need to be added to the layout by the Administrator.

In the Commitment Selector, users are shown which Commitments match the current configuration of the Media Campaign:



Basic Commitments: Users can only select one Commitment of each type to be assigned to a given Media Campaign.


Advanced Commitments: Users can select multiple Commitments of any type to be assigned to a given Media Campaign.


Whichever mode of the Commitments is being used, Commitments selected via the Commitment Selector are assigned to the Media Campaigns through the Selected Commitments.


The Commitment lookups on the Media Campaign have been deprecated in version 2.140. The Selected Commitments will now automatically be populated by the saved selection in the Commitment Selector.

No Matching Commitments

In the event that there is no matching Commitment for the Media Campaign, the Commitment Selector will show the following message:

It can also be that previously matching Commitments are still assigned which no longer match due to a change in matching criteria on the Media Campaign, for example a change of Advertiser. In that case, the following message appears and all non-matching Commitments are outlined in red:

Disable Commitment Matching

Version 2.125

It is also possible that it is not desired to have Commitments matched to, or to have matched Commitments applied to the items, of a Media Campaign. In that case, the Media Campaign can be marked as irrelevant for Commitments. This field may needed to be added to the Media Campaign layout by your Salesforce Admin. 


If a Media Campaign is marked as irrelevant for Commitments, automatic Commitment matching will not take place. Manually selected or previously selected Commitments will not be applied. Users are notified of this both in the Commitment Selector and the when attempting to apply Commitments.


Error Handling

When a Commitment no longer matches to the Media Campaign, users will be warned of this via the Commitment Selector. It will not be removed automatically as Commitment discounts may already have been applied. Any changes required need to be handled manually.



  • Set up Commitments and Commitment Conditions

  • Add relevant fields and sections to layout

  • Schedule Commitment Counting Job