4.11 Optimizer

The Commercial Optimizer

The optimizer is a powerful ADvendio feature to modify and change your running media campaign line items according to you and your customers' needs. Here you can adjust discounts, quantities or amounts to reflect any business requirements. Create a new proposal or offer for your customer to confirm before "saving" and booking it to the ad server. You might also watch this video here Commercial Optimizer.

Step-by-step guide

To start the optimizer select the campaign items you like to optimize in your media campaign and click on the "optimize" button or select the action "Optimize Items".

1. Select Source and Reason

This will open the following screen:

Fill out the following fields:

  1. Select the Source for the Reason for the optimization. There the following two options
    1. Proactive/Order Optimization - this optimization source makes changes directly to your Campaign Item. It does not create a new line item or initiate the cancellation of existing invoices. 
      1. Order Optimization should only be used for changes that have no impact on the invoice or finance-relevant criteria. For example, changing Targeting Criteria, Line Descriptions, Frequency Capping, or quantities/discounts for items that have not yet been invoiced.   
    2. Reactive/Order Amendment - this optimization source creates a new line item based on the configuration entered by the Commercial Optimizer. A cancellation Campaign Item will be created, and cancellation pre-invoices where necessary.
      1. Order Amendment can be used to make changes to every aspect of your Campaign Item. If an Item has been invoiced or used in any financial relevant process (such as the Accounting Records creation processes), then this Optimizer Source should be used. 
  2. Pick one or more reasons and move with the arrows to the "Chosen" box.
  3. If you like you can also add a comment in the Comment text field.
  4. Either click on the Next button to continue or click the link back to the Media campaign if you made a mistake.

The following screen will open the optimization Overview. The top rows show the original campaign items you chose, the bottom the modified campaign items:

Next, you have three options modifying your campaign:

  1. Optimize (Button: Edit Items)
  2. Add a new position (Button: Add Items)
  3. Delete Item  Button (Cancel)

2.1. Edit/Change Items

If you like to change any of the discounts or the quantity or other details within a campaign item. You can do this here. Check the little blue checkbox in front of the campaign item and press the Edit Item button. Next, you get a screen similar to the media configuration which looks like this:

Change any field and press Save or Back if you made a mistake. The modified campaign item will now show up in the bottom part of the Overview screen:

If you would like to modify the same item again, you will not be able to mark the original but select the optimized campaign item and make any additional changes to it and save it again. You can also perform any of the other functions or delete the optimized campaign item. Either Save your Optimization or cancel by clicking the back to the media campaign. 

2.2. Add a new position (Add Items)

You should choose this button if you like to extend the offer and add completely new positions to the media campaign. Clicking the Add Items button will lead you to the product search:

  1. Pick your site, placement, or ad type to select your new product. 
  2. Click on search or if you made a mistake you can go back to the optimizer by clicking the corresponding button. 
  3. The Search works similar to what you know from adding campaign items right in the media configuration. With the difference that once you select a new product the optimizer screen to configure the values for the line item will open:

With version 2.130 and up, users can now delete optional package components when adding new packages using the Optimizer. 

Fill the fields and tabs as needed. If you need more information please refer to the wiki page 4.3 Media Configuration.

Either Save the Optimization or cancel by clicking the back to the media campaign. 

2.3. Add Items with new Media Search Lightning

Version 2.115 and up
Supported Adserversn/a

With version 2.115, you are now also able to use the Media Search Lightning in the optimizer. See 8.4.5 Setup and Configure the Media Search for Lightning for detailed steps, how to activate this feature.

2.4. Delete Item

If you need to cancel or delete a campaign item you click the   Button (Cancel):

What happens is that a "negative" Line item gets added to the optimized campaign item list which then should remove the amount of the already booked item in total. 

You can review it once you have saved your optimizations. After approval (step 3) and activation (step 4) these "negative" line items are copied also as campaign items to the actual media campaign and your invoices get updated.

2.5. Disabled Items

Sometimes, when you're using the Optimizer, certain Campaign Items are not selectable. This can have different meanings. In most cases, the Item you are viewing is a past version, of an Item which has already been optimized. Additionally there is also a small symbol. When you hover your mouse curser above the symbol, you can see a message:

With ADvendio Spring 2019 (2.111) It's also possible to disable Items for the Optimizer if they match certain criteria. If you are in doubt, please contact your system administrator, what these criteria are. If you want to know more about this feature, take a look here: Optimizer Feature Settings

3. Save Optimization and Approval

If you have saved your optimization you will need to get these changes approved. Either go through an approval workflow your administrators have set up or had someone with the rights to check the approval checkbox mark it as approved. Here you have also the option to change the optimization again, create an optimization PDF, check the availability, and once approved, activate it.

Example screen for deleting an item: 

Following approval and activation of an Optimization, the new (green) and old (red) values associated with the Optimization can always be seen in the Optimizing Version. This is the case for both order amendments and order optimizations.

4. Activate Optimization

After clicking the activate button for an Optimization with Order Optimization as the source, you will be asked to confirm the activation. In case you already had this Media Campaign (partly) invoice, you will see a warning message that cancellation of these invoices may need to be handled manually.
If you want automatic cancellation of invoices then choose Order Amendment as Optimization Source.   

After clicking the activate button for an Optimization with Order Amendment as the source, a new page will open which gives you three options in case you already had this Media Campaign (partly) invoiced.  

Activate Optimizer Version with

  • Cancellation Standard - You are going to cancel the selected campaign items on an accrual basis. This means that depending on the number and run-time of your items, many invoice documents could be created. For each period, one cancellation invoice will be generated.
  • Cancellation and merge periods - You are going to cancel the selected campaign items to be merged over multiple periods. This means that depending on the number and run-time of your items for all affected periods, only one cancellation invoice will be generated.
  • Cancellation and merge all - You are going to cancel the selected campaign items and combine those cancellations with any open invoice for this billing period. This means that depending on the number and run-time of your canceled and open items, only one invoice will be generated.

After you selected one of the options, you will be directly forwarded to the optimized Media Campaign.

To ensure the accuracy of your date, for Order Amendment, you can only activate one Optimizing Version per Campaign Item from Version 2.120 and up. If an item has already been cancelled or been optimized since the creation of the Optimizing Version, you will see the error message below:

If your users are experiencing CPU or SOQL limits when activating their optimizing versions, you might want to consider the alternative set out here.

Cancellation options can be configured by your Admin using a Feature Setting.

Remember: If you are working with pre-invoices only - you will not get these options and buttons. From Version 2.120 and up, it is now possible to run the pre-invoice generation when activating an Optimizing version to ensure correct data in your pre-invoices. For more information on how to set this up, please see setup Commercial Optimizer.

5. Error Messages

You can avoid the following error message by emptying out your "unique" custom fields. Read more here: 7.4.7 Add custom fields.