CPU Limits & SOQL Limits Commercial Optimizer

The optimizer is a powerful ADvendio feature to modify and change your running media campaign line items according to you and your customers' needs. Depending on the changes which are being made to your item/items, it can be that many different Invoices and Invoice Items need to be cancelled, as well as many new line items created. In some cases, this can result in users encountering CPU and/or SOQL limits when trying to activate their optimizing versions.

From version 2.124.3, ADvendio has implemented a temporary solution to allow our users to continue using the full features within ADvendio even where larger amounts of Invoice or Campaign Items are concerned. With this solution, users can opt to have the above mentioned changes (creating new items, cancelling and cloning etc) carried in a future call, as opposed to throughout the activation process.

This is useful for our customers who are consistently experiencing these issues. In order to do this, Admin simply need to create the following feature setting:

Feature Setting Name: EnableFutureCallActivation
Feature Name: Optimizer
Template Name:

What impact will this have on my optimizations?

When your user activates an optimizing version, they will be brought back to the Media Campaign instantly where their optimizing changes might not yet be visible. The changes will be carried out subsequently and your items and invoices will be updated as expected.

Another difference is that delivery data will not be cloned for cancellation or new line items created through the optimization activation. The new line items will have delivery data updated/imported with the next scheduled batch. Cancellation items will not have delivery data imported. This is not problematic for invoicing purposes, as cancellation invoices are based on the values of the originals, but may need to be taken in to account for reporting purposes if reports consider the delivery data of cancellation items.

This feature can be enabled and disabled as needed by the Salesforce Admin. We are working on a long term solution for users to more easily opt for this mode of optimization activation directly in the UI.