7.2.18 Configure Custom Probability

As of version 2.119, you can now configure custom probability for your Media Campaigns. Within ADvendio each Media Campaign stage corresponds to a Probability %.

The Media Campaign's probability will be calculated automatically after you have saved the new stage. The default probabilities for the available stages are as follows:

  • First contact - 5%

  • Initial Offer (w/o request) - 10%

  • Stage 20% - 20%

  • Stage 25% - 25%

  • Alternative quote - 30%

  • Stage 40% - 40%

  • Offer on Request - 50%

  • Stage 60% - 60%

  • Showed interest - 70%

  • Stage 75% - 75%

  • Positive Feedback (Agency/Advertiser) - 80%

  • Stage 90% - 90%

  • Booked - 100%

  • IO received - 100%

  • Out of date - 0 %

  • Offer denied - 0 %

However, you can configure your own custom probability using the Custom Probability field on Media Campaign. This field will be respected by the Probability (%) formula field and can be automatically populated using a workflow rule or custom trigger.

For example, you have two custom stages and probabilities which are not reflected in ADvendio default stages; Initial Offer (w request) - 15% and Binding Confirmation - 95%

  • Create two new stages in the Stage picklist on your Media Campaign

    • Navigate to your Setup → Object Manager → Media Campaign → Fields & Relationships

    • Select Stage

    • Scroll to Values, press New

    • Add values for your new stages; Initial Offer (w request),Binding Confirmation


  • Create a Workflow Rule for each custom stage of the Media Campaign

    • Navigate to your Setup → Workflow Actions → Workflow Rules

    • Press New Rule

    • Select Object Media Campaign

    • Name your rule

    • Enter evaluation criteria as created, and any time it's edited to subsequently meet criteria

    • Enter Rule Criteria as Run this rule if the criteria are met and where field [Media Campaign: Stage], Operator [equals], Value [one of your new custom stages]


  • Then add a Workflow Action: field update to update the field Custom Probability field to 15% when your Media Campaign is at the Stage Initial Offer (w request), this will automatically update the probability (%) formula field

    • Set to Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change to true

  • Activate your rule

You can create as many custom workflow rules for as many custom stages/probabilities as you would like. However, you also need to create an additional rule to reset the custom probability field for situations where a custom stage should not be reflected in the probability field.

  • Create a new workflow rule as set out above

    • Rule criteria field [Media Campaign: Stage], Operator [not equal to], Value [your custom stages, eg Initial Offer (w request),Binding Confirmation]

    • Workflow Action: Field Update to update the Custom Probability to field blank(null)

    • Re-evaluate Workflow Rules after Field Change set to true

    • Activate your rule

Now, whenever your Stage is set to your custom Stages, the Custom probability field will be updated automatically by your workflow rules.

And when your stage is set to a stage other than your Custom stages, the other workflow rule will be triggered to set your Custom Probability to zero.