4.2.2 Stages

During the course of a sales process, a media campaign runs through different stages.The media campaign's probability depends on its stage.

Display of Stage and Probability

The media campaign's stage and probability are displayed in the Media Campaign Details.

Change Stage

To change the media campaign's stage, doubleclick on the stage's value, click on Edit or use the Lightening Path.

Enter Reason for Refusal

In case the customer refuses the offer, enter a reason for refusal. Choose a value from the picklist.


After finishing the changes made to the campaign's stage, click the Save button.

Every stage can be changed Translation see here how it works in Detail. 7.1.7 Localisation and Translation Every stage, that does not fit one of the percentage values above is handled as 0 percent.

The media campaign's probability will be calculated automatically after you have saved the new stage. The default probabilities for the available stages are as follows:

  • First contact - 5%
    Initial Offer (w/o request) - 10%
    Stage 20% - 20%
    Stage 25% - 25%
    Alternative quote - 30%
    Stage 40% - 40%
    Offer on Request - 50%
    Stage 60% - 60%
    Showed interest - 70%
    Stage 75% - 75%
    Positive Feedback (Agency/Advertiser) - 80%
    Stage 90% - 90%
    Booked - 100%
    IO received - 100%
  • Out of date - 0 %
    Offer denied - 0 %

As of Version 2.119 it is now possible to configure custom probability which can be set using custom logic or a workflow rule. See 7.2.18 Configure Custom Probability.