4.2.10 PDF Settings

Besides having standards set to display all media campaigns in the same way Administration Settings and 7.5.1 Configure your Proposal Layout you also have several options to hide or not display certain fields on your quote individually per line item.

You administrator can add those fields to the the media config: 7.2.2 Setup Media Configuration but you might not see any or all of the following fields.

It is recommended to set most of these fields automatically by a business process and rule instead of manually.

Campaign Item PDF Settings

Here is what those fields do: 

Field LabelFunction
1Hide Content Targeting On QuoteRemoves the Content Targeting line from the PDF
2Hide FC On QuoteRemoves the Frequency Capping Information from the PDF
3Hide Geo Targeting On QuoteWill not display Geo Targeting
4Hide Geo/Device Targeting on PDFWill not display Geo and Device Targeting if you are using AdServer ID Targeting 7.3.2 Transfer Data from the AdServer
5Hide Key Value Targeting On QuoteWill not display your selected Key Values
6Hide Package Header Details on PDFIf this checkbox is ticked details like discounts, AE, and TPC will be hidden in the header row for predefined packages on all PDFs. We recommend to then display these fields on the package components by marking the "Show Package Components" checkbox. See below.
7Hide Publication Date Targeting On QuoteWill not display the Publication Date Targeting
8Hide Technical Targeting On QuoteRemoves the Technical Targeting from the PDF
9Hide Time Targeting On QuoteRemoves the Time Targeting from the PDF
10Show on Invoice PDFThis line item will show up in your invoice.
11Do not Show on Proposal PDFThis line item will NOT be shown on your quote but also will not be included in the amount calculation from here on. (Please make sure to uncheck the "Show on Invoice PDF" to keep those in sync.)
12Show Packet Components On QuoteShows all package components and their fields on the PDF.
13Use Item Name on PDF

Displays the Campaign Item Name on the PDF. (Instead of the Site - Placement - Ad Type Structure or External Ad Spec Name if Use External Name on PDF is checked on Ad Spec)

(Check Edit the Campaign Item Names)

Media Campaign PDF Settings

Field LabelFunction
1Hide components of adhoc packages on PDFIf checked the components of your ad hoc packages are not shown in the PDF.