4.3 Media Configuration

Watch how to work smoothly with the media configuration in this short video: Media Configuration

This feature has to be turned on by your administrator. Check how to do so here 7.2.2 Setup Media Configuration.


The Media Configuration is the central location where you can enter and change all necessary information for your Campaign Items. The Media Configuration allows the administrator to configure whether to display or hide a field, tab, or action button and customize those to specific needs. Conditions can be used to specify if fields are mandatory, read-only, or hidden. Furthermore, it is possible to use roles or profiles to create different page layouts for different user groups. Actions are now faster and easier to perform between line items. And especially cross-media requirements can be handled easily by displaying only relevant fields for corresponding Campaign Items. 

The media configuration let you edit multiple Campaign Items at a time versus the standard salesforce campaign item page layout. 

These features are offered in the Media Configuration:

  1. Tabs categorize and separate different fields and information.
  2. Fields can be displayed as input field, read-only field or hidden field.
  3. Action buttons are redesigned and equipped with the following functionality:
    1. Copy Item: The user is able to copy a Campaign Item multiple times.
      1. Which fields are copied/reset can be configured by your Admin using a Feature Setting.
    2. Delete Item: The user is able to delete a campaign item (query: Sure to delete item?).
    3. Copy Value: The user is able to copy any Value to other Campaign Items, for instance, Dates, Quantity, Picklist Values or Key Values.
    4. Split Item: The user is able to split a Campaign Item by Time Frame, Countries, Regions, Cities, Content, Key Values, Publication Dates, Web Browsers or Operating Systems. Furthermore, the user can share a value across all split items, for instance, Quantity, Sales Price, or Guaranteed Ad Impressions.
      1. Which fields are copied/reset can be configured by your Admin using a Feature Setting.
  4. Product Icons
    1. Standard Products are displayed with product icon.
    2. Packages are displayed with package icon and component icons. Packages and Campaign Items can be combined as AdHoc Bundles. Publication Dates can be only selected for components.
      1. Linear Package: All information should be entered at package header level and automatically written down to the components.
      2. Prorated Package: All information should be entered at package header level and automatically written down to the components.
      3. Individual Package: All information should be entered at the component level and automatically written up to the package header.

Some functionality could have been disabled or set to read-only by your system administrator. Also,

  • the Copy is not supported for Package Components and inactive Ad Prices. 
  • Delete doesn't work for Package Components, also for line items which already have been billed or get referenced by other positions.
  • Split is a combination and doesn't work for all of the above mentioned cases.

Please note that changes are only successfully saved after the Save button was clicked and there was no required information missing. "Deleted" products are only deleted after successfully saving the Media Configuration.

Campaign Item Buttons

Depending on what you have added as a product to your Campaign the following buttons identify your type of product:

 = Regular Product Icon

 = Package Header

= Package Component

 = AdHoc Package

Action Buttons

Action buttons allows you to configure Campaign Items more easily. Copy, Delete, Copy Value and Split are great features to configure and generate the required Campaign Items faster.

Learn more about the action buttons:

  1.  Copy Item: This function allows you to copy a Campaign Item. Define the number of copies and click on copy. 
    1. Which fields are copied/reset can be configured by your Admin using a Feature Setting.

  2.  Delete Item: Click the button and you will be asked fi you are sure to delete the Campaign Item. 
    1. Which fields are copied/reset can be configured by your Admin using a Feature Setting.
  3.  Copy Value: With this function you can copy any value to ALL other Campaign Items, for instance Dates, Quantity, picklist values or Key Values.

    1. Click the copy icon.
    2. Select the field that you like to copy. This field is now marked in blue. All other fields are marked green except those, where this information can not be copied. The user can deselect fields with a green border. Immediately, the old value appears again and the border of this field gets greyed out. Of course, the user can select those fields again by clicking on this fields.
    3. Click the green "ok" button to copy the values to all selected fields, or abort the process by clicking the red "cancel" button. 

  4.  Split Item: You can split a Campaign Item by
    1. Time Frame, 
    2. Geography, 
    3. Content, 
    4. Key Values, 
    5. Publication Dates,
    6. Devices or 
    7. Connections.
      Those values are only selectable if the Campaign Items uses that kind of targeting or the period is long enough to be split
      . Furthermore, you can share on of the following values across all new items, Quantity, Sales Price or Guaranteed Ad Impressions.

Check Availability from Media Configuration

Version 2.116 and up
Supported AdserversGoogle AdManager, Appnexus, Adswizz, Freewheel, SMART

With version 2.116, we now offer you the possibility, to check your AdServer availabilities, on the fly in the Media Configuration. Changed your mind on some Targeting Criteria? Some last minute changes on your Item? Where in the past you needed to open the Media Configuration, configure your changes, save everything and then go back to the Campaign Item list to check the availability, you can verify everything is available before leaving the Media Configuration!

To use this simply click the Check Availability Button at the bottom.

It will open an overlay, which will display the results, once the process is done.

At the moment, check availability will be started for all Campaign Items currently displayed in the Media Configuration. There is no way to select which items to use and which to ignore or to just check single items. Items which are not connected to an AdServer are still shown, with a warning, that no AdServer Connection is existing. 

Also the 4.4.6 Check Availability for Exclusive Products feature, is not supported by Check Availability from Media Configuration.

We're working on integrating these features in one of the coming releases. If you want to receive updates on these developments, feel free to contact your Technical Account Manager or support@advendio.com

Using Check Availability in combination with Key Value Targeting

In case your are using the new Key Value / Audience (AdServer) Targeting, you might some changed behavior. Currently, the field AdServer Targeting is used to configure Key Values or Audience Segments and the technical information of that are written into this field. Once you click the new Check Availability, this field will also be filled with a technical String, regardless of if there are Key/Values selected or not. Please keep this in mind, in case you are using this field in custom logic or use it to see if Key Values are in use for an Item or not. We're working on providing a better display of the actual Key Value targeting information in our first release of 2020, scheduled for February.

Fixed Columns and Header

Version 2.113
Supported AdserversN/A

With Version 2.113 the static columns and buttons on the left and the table header a fixed. This will help you keep an overview in large campaigns with many items or when you're using many columns in the Media Configuration.

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