4.3.4 Targeting Options

In ADvendio you have different targeting options. You can target items at a specific time, browsers, geo information or key values and much more . Targeting settings will be considered when requesting availabilities and submitting orders to your ad server. The availability of certain targeting options depends on your ad server integration. Available targeting options are:

You can add targeting in the Media Configuration by using the respective fields and selecting the desired options. Another way to add certain targeting criteria is using AdServer ID AdSpec Assignments. With this junction object you can connect AdServer IDs to AdSpecs so that the targeting will always be applied to Campaign Items of that object. 

With version 2.110 and up users will be able to see the predefined targeting from the AdSpec in the Media Configuration. Once they open the edit mode of a targeting option the predefined targeting will load into the Selected Items table without the possibility to delete this selection.

Have you administrator set up the targeting tabs you need: