4.3.2 Period

Setting the run time is mandatory for all Campaign Items and therefore the first part of the Media Configuration. 

Every item needs a

  • From (Date) - "start date" and an 
  • Until (Date)  - "end date". 

The default value of both is "today". To change a date, click the given date. A calendar view pops up which helps you to select the correct date. If you don't want your item to start immediately in the adserver you can also use the From (Hour) and Until (Hour) fields. Your administrator needs to enable those in the layout. 


If you want to apply the chosen date to all items, click the double-sided arrow (2) or the copy button in the new media configurator. It will copy the value and paste it to all fields of this column so your items have the same start or end date.

The Start and End date of a Campaign Item need to be within the validity of the Ad Price in the selected Ad Spec. If they are outside the validity of the selected Ad Price, you will be shown a warning message that the date is invalid in the Media Configuration and, upon saving, a validation exception will occur.

To deactivate this validation please see Feature Setting to disable Ad Price Validation.

Publication Dates

Print items, newsletters or other media might need a publication date. In that case click on the edit button under Selected Publication Dates and read more 4.3.9 Publication Dates here.

The system will then automatically fill the From and Until date with the first and the last selected Publication date.