4.3.7 How to select Contents in the Media Configuration


Selecting Content for your Media Configuration can be a very time-consuming task when having dozens of Contents in your system.


Selecting Content in the Media Configuration is very similar to the configuration of other targeting criteria.

Depending on the setup of your administrator you will need to go to the tab containing the Selected Content column in your Media Configuration and click the Edit button.

Then a new window opens, showing you all available Contents for your Campaign Item in a tree.

Which Contents are shown, will be determined by the Content Ad Price Assignment which can be managed for example with the Content Wizard. If no such assignments exist, all Content records will be shown for every Campaign Item.

You can either directly select the Contents in the tree shown, or you can open the Search tab and search for a specific Content. Once you click Save, the selected Contents will be saved to your Campaign Item and you can continue working in the Media Configuration.

Enhanced Search for Contents


2.127 and up

Starting with version 2.127 we implemented an enhanced search feature for the content selection. 

For the setup of this feature please read the following article: How to configure the Content selection in Media Configuration.

Your search now supports more filters and you can very easily find the Contents you are looking for.

Check Availability for Contents

To be able to use the Availability Check with Contents we recommend you to use the field Requested Contents in the Media Configuration. You can enter the number of the Contents you requested there.

You can also get this field filled automatically by the system with the number of Contents you have selected. Ask your administrator to enable the feature “Calculate number of Requested Contents“ for you on the Administration Settings page.

For more information about the Availability Check please take a look at the Wiki page Check Availability for Exclusive Products.

If you can not see the field in your Media Configuration layout please ask your Administrator to add it following the steps described in this article: How to configure the Content selection in Media Configuration.

Available Contents based on Publication Dates

If you are working with Publication Dates, it might be that several Contents are only offered for certain Publication Dates. Let's say for example towards the end of the year, your magazine has a section on Christmas Baking, this is of course not available during Summer.

If these regulations exist, you will receive a warning upon entering the Content Selection, and also the Contents not available will still be shown, but are not selectable.