Creative Targeting


2.107 and up

Supported Connections

Google Ad Manager

You can add Creative Targeting for different Master Slot Sizes similar to the targeting on Campaign Item level. This is useful when your Media Campaign uses different creatives with different target groups or devices. 

Available targeting options are:

It is also possible to transfer Ad unit frequency capping by adding respective Labels of type "Ad unit frequency cap" in the field "Exclusivity" on the Creative Targeting Slot.

How to:

1. To add Creative Targeting to your Campaign Item go to the Media Configuration and click the "Add Slot Size" Action. There will be a slot targeting line added for every Master Slot Size of the Ad Type. You can additionally add more lines or delete unneeded ones.

The Targeting Name will be set to the Slot Size. E.g if the Slot Size is 120x600 the Targeting Name will be "120x160". You are free to change this to a different name. If you enter multiple lines for the same slot size there will be a consecutive numbering added to the name.

The green Icon plus icon indicates that there are slot targeting lines added to a Campaign Item. You can hide or show the slot targeting lines by clicking the arrow in front of the Campaign Item Name “>“.

The targeting will be saved as a string in the field "Creative Targeting". Make sure this field is added to your Media Configuration in order to be able to save the targeting.

Ask your administrator to add it via the Tab Setup. The field can optionally be hidden using a Tab Rule.

  2. Once you've added one or more targeting line(s):

  • optionally change the name for the targeting (E.g. use the Targeting Name to describe the targeting for the creative, for example "Berlin" for the targeting Berlin.)  

  • choose the relevant Master Slot Size

  • optionally enter a count (Adding a count for each inventory size helps forecasting when multiple creatives of the same size are used. If no count is entered it will assume one creative per size.)

  • add your desired targeting criteria (by switching to the correct tab) and enter the data as usual

  • you are even able to copy targeting criteria now between items by using the action buttons: