Configure Day & Time Targeting Tab

Version2.97 and up

To make the new interface usable for your users please change the tab Time Targeting to show the new field:


Navigate to the Tab Setup and open the record for Time Targeting. Remove the old fields for AdDayOfWeek and AdHourOfDay by clicking on the (x) and add Day & Time Targeting.

Configure which Timezone to use for Day & Time Targeting

Version 2.114 and up
Supported Adservers

DFP, Appnexus, Freewheel, Adswizz

With 2.114, we enhanced the possibilities to set a specific timezone for your Day & Time Targeting. This will be done with the new picklist field Day & Time Targeting - Time Zone. In most cases, this will be done to decide, if the day & time targeting will be applied to the timezone of the network/publisher or of the user, which is seeing an ad. 

Default Selection

If nothing is selected in the field, we set a default value. If you're not planning on using any other timezone settings for the Day & Time Targeting of your items, you don't need to show the new field in Page Layout and Media Configuration. Then the following values will be set:

  • GAM: Users time zone

  • Appnexus: User time zone

  • Freewheel: Relative to viewers time zone

  • Adswizz: Listeners time

Of course, you can also manually configure a default value for this field in Setup. Then all newly created Campaign Items, will receive that value.


The selectable options depend on your adserver. We recommend that you deactivate all picklist values, which are not relevant for the AdServer you're using in Setup, so that your users only can set valid values in the field.

  • GAM: Publishers time zone; Users time zone

  • Appnexus: Users time zone; (specific time zone - see below)

  • Freewheel: Relative to viewers time zone; (specific time zone - see below)

  • Adswizz: Publishers/station time; Listeners time; Agency time

  • Smart: -

If you would like to choose a specific time zone for FreeWheel or Appnexus, you will have to select the exact timezone in the second field: Time Zone.