4.20 How to configure my Campaign Items? (Campaign Builder beta)

Available with Version

2.149 and up

Available with Version

2.149 and up


Sales Reps

ADvendio Edition



Planning and operating at scale by creating small or large campaigns for your customers can be a real challenge in your daily business with all the actions that need to be performed as well as all the configuration options you can set per inventory item.


The Campaign Builder feature is currently in an open beta status. If you like to take a look into this feature feel free to do so. We are looking forward to your feedback as well as enhancement ideas. Please contact our Customer Success Management team or support@advendio.com to share feedback with us.

Please take note that this feature needs to be set up by your Administrator. Please find the steps for doing so on this page: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2997125123

Our Campaign Builder helps you to overcome this challenge by offering you a reworked, modern user interface, with a number of performance enhancements and added feature capabilities. Please read more about our Campaign Builder further below.

Access to the Campaign Builder

You can access the Campaign Builder currently by two ways. The first option is the way for creating new items and the second option is the way for editing existing items.

Adding new items to a campaign

In order to create new items you need to create a new Media Campaign first to which you can add the items. Please follow an explanation for Media Campaigns on this page if you need more information about them: 4.1.1 What are Media Campaigns?

To add items to the newly created campaign you will use our Media Search to search through your inventory and add the relevant items to your basket.

After hitting the “Start Media Configuration“ button the Campaign Builder will open and show you your basket items ready to be configured.


Editing existing items

Please take note that the Campaign Builder currently needs to be opened via the ADvendio Campaign item Related List and not via the standard Salesforce Related List due to technical restrictions.

To edit items from an existing campaign you will use our Campaign Item Related List to select the items to be configured.

After hitting the “Change items“ button the Campaign Builder will open and show you your items ready to be edited.

Working with the Campaign Builder

Actions per row

Sometimes you might want to clone items you configured or you might want to delete some items. For this you can open the action menu at the end of every row. The copy action will add an additional line with the information from the item to be copied. The delete action will remove the line and will delete it if it was saved before during the save process.

Amount calculation and formula field support

While editing pricing relevant information of your items you might notice that the amount fields change shortly after you did the change. This is the amount calculation we included in the Campaign Builder component. If you have custom formula fields you created, the Campaign Builder is also able to update them based on the information you entered in your items.


In the first version we support only linear packages. To learn more about the distribution types we support please check this page.


The current version supports limited targeting/delivery options:

  • Frequency Capping

  • Daytime Targeting

  • Exclusions (Labels)

The targeting selection was moved into an own targeting component. You can find this on the relevant tab and add your settings as needed.


We know that many of you were looking forward to the release of this component. Please take note that we are still constantly working on enhancements for this component as well as the support of more features which you are used to know from our Media Configuration.

Please take a look at the following list to see what we already support:

  • Basic Campaign Builder component with Media Search and Campaign Item related list connection

  • Copy and delete of items as actions

  • Amount calculation API & formula field support

  • Linear package support

  • Define Frequency Capping and Daytime Targeting

  • Setup options

    • Tab and column setup 

    • Simple Condition setup (former Tab rules)

    • Support of basic custom javascript logic  (react on events → get and set field values, query additional data)


As mentioned above our Campaign Builder is in an open beta stage and we appreciate your feedback very much! If some important features are missing for you in the list below please reach out to our Customer Success Management team or support@advendio.com.

We have the following topics planned to be delivered in the next months with the goal to announce an official release of the Campaign Builder for the end of Q2 2022:

  • Full Package support (Prorated, individual)

  •  Extended Targeting support

    • Geography, Device, Inventory targeting

    • Key Value/Audience Segment selection

  • Enable the selection of Contents and Publication dates

  • Dynamic Pricing support (Apply Price Rules)

  • Availability Check

  • Net Calculator support

  • Support more action options

    • Copy Value, Split

  • Setup

    • Provide an easy to handle setup UI

    • support more logical operators in tab rules


Please take note that this feature needs to be set up by your Administrator. Please find the steps for doing so on this page: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2997125123

To configure custom javascript in the Campaign Builder please learn more on this page: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/2999713805