4.18 Briefings

Version 2.89 and up

Create a Briefing (Proposal)

In some cases your administrator will not allow Sales Reps to directly create media campaigns. This is often the case for classical advertising business like print, broadcasting, or for organizations which work with a larger sales hierarchy. Here Sales is only allowed to create a briefing template which then is connected and handed over to the ad operation department working with ADvendio media campaigns. If this is how your company likes to operate use the ADvendio Briefing process:

Navigate to the App Launcher and search for Briefings. Click on new to create a new briefing. 

Your administrator can add approval 7.4.2 Manage Approvals or notification workflow 7.4.1 Create Workflows to smoothen this process and ease your work.

Create a Media Campaign

Version 2.94 and up

You can either manually link your Briefing to an existing Media Campaign or alternatively create a Media Campaign by clicking the "Create New Media Campaign Button" directly from your Briefing. (Make sure your administrator has added the button to the layout! If you are using record types in your media campaign please refer to 8.1.4 Build your own "New Media Campaign" Action Button)