10. The Media Buying solution

Important Note:

Version 2.169 must be used for the Media Buying Solution as it introduces significant changes to the process of creating Buying Orders and Items.

What is a Media Buying solution?

Are you looking for a solution to sell third-party inventory and have it all synced back to your reports? We have the solution for this!

Our Media Buying solution provides core features to manage media buying campaigns, including easy creation of buying orders and items, tracking delivery data and performance metrics, monitoring budget, Invoicing, and creating accounting records.

Our latest version offers a range of essential features that empower you to manage your media buying campaigns efficiently. Let's explore what our Media Buying Beta has to offer:

  1. Easy Creation of Buying Orders and Items: The interface allows you to effortlessly create Buying Orders and Items. Input the necessary details, such as campaign objectives, start and end dates, and budget allocation, to set up your Buying Orders. You can also add specific buying items, specifying targeting criteria and ad specifications.

  2. Tracking Delivery Data and Performance Metrics: It enables you to monitor delivery data, including actual media spend, impressions, clicks, conversions, and other key performance metrics.

  3. Budget Monitoring: It provides real-time budget tracking, allowing you to monitor your spending and ensure it aligns with your allocated budget.

  4. Invoicing Based on Actual Spend: Accurate and transparent invoicing is a priority in media buying. Our version simplifies this process by generating invoices based on the actual spend recorded in the system to eliminate manual calculations and minimize errors.

  5. Accounting records: Accounting Records are created using existing Invoice Items and delivery data for your Campaign Items to populate the necessary accounting information for your ERP and accounting system.