3.1.5 Ad Type

An ad type describes the format of an advertisement. For example, ad types can be rectangles, skyscrapers, or any combination of those etc. For print these can be a full page, half page, quarter page etc. Together with the placement and site, ad types define your "inventory products": ad specs. You have multiple ways and wizards to create AdTypes. The easiest is to use the 3.4 Inventory and Rates Manager. But you can always make changes or even create them manually also by navigating to the Ad Type record page and clicking on "New".

Create an Ad Type

To create a new Ad Type please follow these steps:

  1. Pick the relevant record type. The record type selection will decide about the record type to be selected from the system when adding new campaign items to a campaign.
    Please take a look at this article for further information about the mapping from the Ad Type record type to the Campaign item record type: Campaign Item Record Types
    These are the offered Ad Type record types:
    1. AdServer  (DFP or others)
    2. Print
    3. Radio
    4. TV
    5. Services
    6. OOH
    7. Standard for all others.
  2. Fill out the name,
  3. adserver login if relevant which must match the record type,
  4. and set it to active.

The relevant fields vary depending on your record type and the related adserver. Not all AdServers support the same features. 

Digital Example

Read more about the Ad Type fields for your AdServer. 

Print Example

The print Ad Type fields also vary slightly from the digital fields:

Set Bleed

For your print ad types you can set the bleed for your specific ad type. This information will be moved to the campaign into the respective campaign item and later can be transferred into your flat planning tool. Therefore you have to maintain data in the following two fields:

  1. Set Bleed - Please check if this AdType /Campaign item uses bleeding.
  2. Bleed Amount - Please enter the amount of bleed in points, mm, or inches.


Version 2.95 and up

Alternatively you can manage your bleed setting in the Ad Spec object. This will give you a greater flexibility to organize different setting for the same Ad Type and pass this to your flat planning system. The formula field effective bleed amount in your AdSpec will check whether bleed is set in the AdSpec otherwise lookup the AdType value.