Exclusive Ad Prices

In order to use the Booking Calendar you will have to configure your ad prices in the following way to make them "Exclusive".

  1. Exclusive: This Ad price is exclusive. Only exclusive items are displayed in the Booking Calendar. The exclusive checkbox is automatically set for new campaign items while creating them.
  2. Maximum Applicability: This field defines how often the item is available. This field is available in the object Ad Price and also in the object Ad Specs.
    Effective Maximum Applicability: Formula, which displays how often the item is really available. If the field Maximum Applicability in the Ad Price is empty, the field Maximum Applicability in the Ad Spec is used. If both fields are empty, the Booking Calendar interprets this as "1".
  3. Constant Quantity: This field defines if the Booking Calendar should count the QuantityGuaranteed AI, Runtime Campaign Item or the Frequency. If this field is not defined, the default value is "Quantity".
  4. Maximum Applicability Unit: This field defines if the Booking Calendar is using this Ad Price per DayWeek or Month. The Booked Quantity of Campaign Items will then be divided amongst the days, weeks or months.
    Effective Maximum Applicability Unit: Formula, that displays the actual Maximum Applicability Unit which is used in the Booking Calendar. If the unit is not defined at the Ad Price, the value from the Ad Spec is taken.


The field Unit is not used for the Booking Calendar calculation but for Publisher Payout and Commitment Calculation!