Extended Publication Date Calendar

Version 2.80 and up
Supported Adserversn/a

The publication date calendar/booking calendar is additionally to the "standalone" version build into the media configuration. This will save you time navigating back and forth to the booking calendar, configuring the search and waiting for results. This calendar is showing the exact same information but much quicker!


  • View three month and availability (just like in the booking calendar)


The cell colors show the availability of the Publication Dates. Your Administrator can avoid the selection of fully booked and overbooked cells in the Administration Settings.

  • Version 2.112 and smaller: If you hold your mouse-over
  • Version 2.213 and up: Click on the i-icon on one of the publication dates

you will get detailed information about the availability just like in the booking calendar: 

Clicking on one (or more) cells will mark this dates and save them to your campaign line item as selected publication dates.

Set it up yourself

Any user can turn this feature on by navigating to the Overview Tab and opening the Personal Settings within the Administration Settings.

Please check the little checkbox "New Publication Date Calendar Media Configuration

Your administrator can set it for ALL users in your company Link Extended Publication Date Calendar.