3.1.9 Active and inactive inventory items

Use this feature to ensure that on the one hand your sales team is always working with current data and on the other hand keep historic data. Take care to manage the following data meticulously:

Set the active checkbox in the these objects

  1. Site, 
  2. Placement, 
  3. Ad Type
  4. AdServer Id's, 
  5. Keys and Values, 
  6. Content, 
  7. City, Region, Country (old GeoTargeting)
  8. Ad Price
  9. Rate Card

Afterwards activate the feature in the administrative settings by setting "Filter for active records". 

Result: Only records with an active checkbox set to TRUE of the listed objects are shown to users in the following wizards or lookup features:


Tool/FeatureUses ACTIVE record of objects
Ad Spec & Rates Manager
  • Placement,
  • Sites,
  • Adserver Id's,
  • Rate Category,
  • AdTypes
Inventory & Rates Manager
  • Sites,
  • Ad Types,
  • Placements,
  • AdServer Id's
KeyValue Manager
  • Sites,
  • Placements,
  • Ad Types,
  • AdServer Logins,
  • Keys and their
  • Values
Content Wizard 
  • Content,
  • Placements,
  • AdServer Id's
Booking Calendar Settings & Booking Calendar
  • Content,
  • Placements,
  • Sites,
  • Ad Types,
  • Ad Specs
Packages Manager 
  • Ad Type,
  • Placements
Create and Update Rates Manager
  • Ad Types,
  • Placements,
  • Rate Category,
  • Site,
  • AdserverId's
AGOF Connect
  • Placements &
  • Ad Types get exported

Media Configuration
Key Values
  • Keys and
  • Values

Geo Targeting (old)

  • Countries,
  • Regions,
  • Cities

Content Targeting

  • Content
Targeting Tree (Geo, Device, etc.)
  • AdServer Id's *

Media Search
  • Ad Prices (from and until dates are also relevant if not null)
  • Rate Cards
  • Sites
  • Placements
  • Ad Types

* Version 1.207 and up: Inactive IDs will not be shown at all vs. showing inactive IDs greyed out and non-selectable. This includes not showing all children of inactive parents even if those are active.


If you like to use this feature follow these steps:

  1. Start with data maintenance and mark the according ad specs, prices and targeting options with a checked active box e.g by using the data loader tool (for a large number of data records). Simply add the active checkbox to according objects layout. Here is how to do it.
  2. Administrator only: Activate it by checking the "Filter for active records" in the administrative settings. 

After that only data records which have previously been set to active will be shown to users.