3.1.8 Content

Use Cases

The use cases for Content for example cover:

  • Structure your Print Products to cover and sell different parts of your publications based on a topic. A content can represent for example the politics section in your reports while another is for economic news. Help your clients advertiser in the right section of your print products, by assigning Contents to your Campaign Items
  • Manage your Out of Home Ads, by having content for each Location your Display can be located. You can then pick any number of Contents to represent single or multiple locations.
  • Check Exclusivity per Content: The Exclusivity Check and also the Booking Calendar both show availabilities per Content separately. This way you have more flexibility in viewing and managing what is available to sell and what not. 
  • Digital RON products which allow the user to select only certain sites. 

To know more about how to configure content in your Org, check out the following page: 3.7 How to create and manage Contents? (Content Wizard Lightning)

Data Structure

Content is an optional inventory object which you can use to structure your ads further. This can be used in any imaginable way, examples are selectable area within a Run of Network or Run of Site, different time slots on your OOH ads, sub-content areas below your placements and many more. Talk with your ADvendio consultant if you have any more questions. 

For example you can do Content Targeting, manage exclusive ads better in your 4.9 Booking Calendar. Or use this to manage the locations of your inventory for Out of Home.

Content can be linked to an

  • AdPrice, which will then limit your content selection options in the media configurator to only these content items.
  • Placement,
  • AdServer ID (for Digital only: to link to specific AdUnits), and
  • Publication - Placements.

If you are selecting Content in the 4.3.1 Media Configuration Functions the selection will be stored in the Selected Content Object for that specific line item. Learn more about 3.7.2 Content Wizard.

Content in the Booking Calendar

Optionally if you are using content to manage exclusive ad spaces then set the following limits

  • Maximum Applicability Unit, 
  • Constant Quantity, and 
  • Maximum Applicability. 

Read more about 4.2.3 Exclusivity Checks and 4.9 Booking Calendar.