4.16.4 How to Manage Multiple Accounts in Commitments


Version 2.89 and up

Creating Commitments that reflect a more complex, hierarchal relationship between Accounts and the agreed Commitment in order to reflect agreements to "participate" in earnings and spendings.


The main account of an commitment can either be connected to an

  • Advertiser 

  • Agency or  

  • AdvertiserAgency relation.

In order to reflect more complex relationships between accounts and Commitments, it is possible to assign ‘Participating Accounts’ to given Commitments.


In order to do this, navigate to the related list "Participating Accounts" and click on new.


  1. Unit Count: Items in Media Campaigns from these "participating" accounts will be counted towards Condition goals

  2. Spending: Discounts or Rebate in Kind can be applied to all Media Campaigns with these "participating" accounts