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With the Inventory & Rates Manager, we make it easier to generate new Ad Specs that contain all the information you need for an unambiguous specification, including pricing information. When using the ad server integration it's necessary to connect the ad spec database in ADvendio with the ad spec database in the ad server. Each ad spec in the ad server environment has an individual ID, which has to be assigned to the according ad spec in the ADvendio environment in order to connect them with each other.

Table of Contents

1. Overview

Every Ad Spec consists of three objects or components:


The Inventory & Rates Manager helps you to create your ad specs and therefore products.

Navigate to the Overview App Launcher and open the Inventory & Rates Manager:

  1. Go to the All Tabs menu (+) and navigate to Overview.
  2. Navigate to the section Inventory Management and expand it.
  3. Click the button App Launcher.
  4. Look for the Inventory & Rates Manager.


Note: Records will be created or updated, none will be deleted. Creating an Ad Spec in ADvendio does not result in the creation of an identical Ad Spec in your Ad Server. 

To improve the usability of updating records a popup will be shown that asks for a confirmation to update an existing record, similar to this:

Image Added

2. Create Objects - Components Step 1