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When submitting Campaign Items to the AdServer, there are a lot lots of fields for the configuration of these itemsitem fields need to be configured. Fields , which set the item type, the goals, and the priority , are pre-defined on Ad Type level for your products. For Many many of these, you can however still override them on Campaign Item level. Thus creating some exceptions to the default product configuration, while everything else still remains remaining the same.

Here is an overview of the different existing fields and how to use them.




Some of these setting settings change major parts of a line items item configuration, which might lead to conflicts with the product definition and pricing defined in ADvendio. If you want to prevent your users from overwriting such fields, we recommend hiding the fields from the page layout and set the permissions permission to read only in the relevant Sales and Order Management profiles.


  • Ad Type: Sets the basic line item type . (Possible Values: Standard, Guaranteed, Augmented)

  • Goal Percent: The percentage of Impressions as goal for guaranteed and exclusive Items (If if not filled, 100% will be used as default)

  • Delivery Type: Configures if a guaranteed item delivers as impression goal or percentage (Possible Values: Impressions, Exclusive)

  • Delivery Rate Type: Configures the Daily Pacing Allocation for Augmented Line Items (Possible Values: ASAP, Evenly)

  • Goal Type: Configures the lifetime item goal (Possible Values: Unlimited, Custom Budget)

  • Secondary Goal Type: Configures the daily item goal (Possible Values: Unlimited, Pace Lifetime Budget, Custom Budget, CustomPacingCustom Pacing). Attention: Possible settings here, depend if your the line item type is Standard or Augmented. More influences which settings can be used here - more information on these restrictions.

  • Secondary Goal Quantity: If you set a daily impression goal (custom budget) for Standard Line Item, this field sets the number of impressions for the daily goal.

  • Secondary Goal Budget: If a daily revenue goal (custom budget) for Augmented Line Items is used, you can enter the daily revenue amount here

  • Secondary Goal Percent: If an Augmented line item uses a pacing setting (custom pacing), you can enter the pacing % here, default is being 100%



  • Ad Type: Sets the basic line item type. (Possible Values: Pay, Barter, Performance, BonusMakeGood, PublicService, InHouse)


There is no specific feature setup needed, however depending on the fields you want to use, your System Administrator might:

  • Need need to add/edit profile permissions to relevant profiles

  • add them fields to the page layouts

  • Adjust the adjust picklist values, add new ones and/or remove existing oneones, so that only the possible values (as listed above) are usable

Also here is a Check the below link to find general information on the permissions and rights needed to use features in relation to external systems: 7.3.17 Which permissions and rights are needed for a user to access ADvendio Connect and the integration of third party systems?