6.8.6 Use Cases (Publisher Payout Conditions)

The conditions for your publisher payout contracts have three important fields

FieldFunctionAdditional Information
1Revenue per UnitThis amount is the fixed revenue paid per units which has been "sold" (linked this condition as Publisher Payout InvoiceItem Assignments).

2Revenue ShareThis percentage value represents the revenue share in % for your publisher. If you've set a guaranteed revenue, the percentage share will be applied only after the guaranteed revenue has been fulfilled.
3Guaranteed RevenueThis value defines the amount, which you guarantee to be paid out to your publisher. The amount will be divided amongst the selected payment intervals of the contract.

These help you to implement the following use cases:

1. Revenue Share per Unit

If you have agreed to pay your publishers for each click, impression or full page please choose the option below: revenue share per unit. 

The quantity of your campaign items will then define number of units you pay to your publisher depending on your billing categories: 

Billing CategoryUnit
CPM1000 AI 
CPD1 day
CPW1 week
Fixed PriceQuantity

Make sure to limit the conditions to the correct product types only.

2. Percentage of Revenue

This is the most common use case for publisher payout conditions. You pay your publisher a percentage of all revenue that you are making with their inventory. Use the field revenue percentage to define the percentage. 

3. Guaranteed Total

If you have negotiated a fixed amount that you guarantee your publisher please fill in the value into the field Guaranteed Revenue.