9.5 How to set up the inventory for the Self Service

We have created various Self Service components that can be used in flows to personalize your Self Service according to your preference. Below you will find how to configure your inventory.


2.135 and up


Self Service

Campaign Creation


When you start creating a campaign, the first screen you will see is the Campaign Creation component. Here, you'll be asked to provide some general information about your campaign, such as its name, goal, runtime and budget. All of the details you provide will be saved in the Media Campaign created through the process.

To make the budget range more user-friendly, you can set the minimum and maximum budget values, as well as the Campaign Budget Cap and Budget type (Slider and Input) in the budget selection.

If you need more information on this, you can find it in further detail on https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/1772748801


To define the Campaign Goal, it is important to determine the appropriate values for your customers. It is essential to ensure that you set up the values in the Self Service flow as well as in your Campaign Goal picklist in the Media Campaign.

Ad Price Validity

The validity dates from the Ad Price are now considered when loading the ad prices in the result list. This means that the ad prices with valid dates (not in the past or future) will be shown.


This component for audience selection is based on the Targeting Groups object. If you do not know this object yet please take a look at it in our Wiki: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/129736829

To be able to match the audience selections of your clients to the inventory, you will need to create the relevant Targeting Groups. Depending on your ideas of the setup you might need to enhance the view in the flow setup: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/1772748801

It might be interesting for you to connect your Targeting Groups for digital Inventory with Targeting Sets to ensure the right mapping between a Targeting Group and the corresponding targeting values. If you don’t know Targeting Sets yet please take a look at this Wiki page:

Result List

This component is the main component of the Self Service as all the entered requirements from your clients will be matched to the inventory you set up before.

To do this there are a few details that need to be taken into account. They are explained in the table below:







Ad Price

Self Service Relevant

Needs to be checked to be shown in the Self Service.

Ad Price

Valid from

Only valid Ad Prices will be shown in the results. If the Valid from and Valid Until fields are empty they will count as valid.

Ad Price

Valid until

Ad Spec

Ad Spec Preview

You can enter a URL here that will show a preview of your Ad Spec to your clients.

Ad Spec

External name

You can enter an External name if your internal name might cause confusions for your customers.

Ad Spec

Goal Relevance

You need to set this in order to match your inventory to the Campaign Goal your client selected.

Ad Spec

Long description

This will give the client an explanation what he can expect from this Ad Spec.


Media Type

This field makes the Self Service a lot more usable as your users can filter for their preferred Media Types (TV, Radio, Print, etc).

So in conclusion what does your price/ad spec need to have to be displayed in the Self Service?

To have your price/ad spec displayed in the Self Service, ensure the following:


Additionally, the budget set in the campaign creation parameters must be higher than the price. The Campaign Goal selected in the Campaign creation screen must also match the Goal relevance.

  • Your Ad Price in Self Service needs to have the relevant checkbox checked and validity applied.

  • The budget set in the campaign creation parameters must be higher than the price.

  • The Campaign Goal selected in the Campaign creation screen must also match the Goal relevance.

  • At least one Targeting Group Ad Price Assignment must match the selected audiences.

If you are using the Ad Spec Preview feature, you will need to define a "CSP Trusted Site" for the relevant source in your Org's setup. This is necessary for security reasons. If you fail to define the trusted site, the picture won’t be shown and an error will be logged to the browser console saying:

"Refused to load the image 'https://www.placeholder.com/12345.png' because it violates the following Content Security Policy directive."

Availability Check

When performing availability checks in Self Service, the system now automatically adds the applicable publication dates to basket items.

Depending on your setup explained in it might be that you enabled the availability check for your result list. The check will be performed while loading the results based on how you set up your inventory.

Please take note that depending on the system you are using the process might take longer.

Shopping Cart

The Shopping Cart component provides a quick summary of the items in your basket and calculates the total cost of the items. To set up this component, it's important to configure the VAT settings, which are explained in detail in


To use the Payment component for invoicing, it is important to ensure that the user accounts are set up correctly. This is because the Billing address and the Invoice Email address will be reused during these processes. Once the confirmation to start the Billing Run has been received, the user will be sent an email containing the invoice document.


For more set up info check article