4.16.2 Assign Commitments to Media Campaigns

In order to apply the commitment conditions to your campaigns you have to fill the Commitment fields on the media campaign:

It is not mandatory to use all three commitments types in one media campaign. The following example works the same for all three commitment types. 

Option 1: Only one Commitment

If you have only one matching commitment for your Media Campaign the Commitment will automatically be linked (Version 2.91 and up) when you create the campaign. If this Campaign is an exception, you can remove the lookup manually, otherwise you don't have to do anything.

Automated Mapping

Here is how it works: The system then looks up all active Commitments.

First it is matching the record types

  • Advertiser / Agency Discount or no record type will be mapped to the "standard" commitment field.

  • Agency Earnings Commitments will be mapped to the AE commitment field.

  • Third Party Commission Commitments are mapped to the TPC commitment field.

If an advertiser is set - the same account must be linked in the Media Campaign. This is working in the same manner for agencies. If the Media Campaign has a different advertiser or different agency as the Commitment - nothing happens. 
Furthermore the Legal Entity value will be taken into account for matching (version 2.108 and up). This means that if there is a Legal Entity set in the Media Campaign the process will look for matching Commitments where this Legal Entity is set.
Only Commitments with another Legal Entity set will be excluded.

  • ADvendio only connects commitments automatically if only one Commitment matching

  • The validity of the Commitments can only be considered when your Media Campaign has a from and until date, either entered manually upon creation or automatically through adding Campaign Items

  • If there are multiple matching Commitments available for a Media Campaign none will be selected

  • An empty advertiser, agency, advertiser/agency relation or legal entity in your Commitments will result in matching this to all Media Campaigns no matter if that field is filled or not.

Make sure to not have "empty" active (test) commitments in your system, which have no advertiser or agency and then will match ALL media campaigns!

Example to explain the Matching Logic:

Commitment A:
Advertiser = Advertiser A
Agency = empty

Commitment B
Advertiser = Advertiser A
Agency = Agency A

Media Campaign Example 1:
Advertiser = Advertiser A
Agency = empty or Agency B
Matching Commitment: Commitment A
Result= Commitment A will be connected automatically

Media Campaign Example 2:
Advertiser = Advertiser A
Agency = Agency A
Matching Commitment: Commitment A & Commitment B, as we have multiple matching results no Commitment will be connected automatically. Please use the Commitment Selector

Using 4.16.4 Participating Accounts weakens this rule. As soon as you enter a Participating Account as advertiser or agency the system is trying to also match those to a Media Campaign which otherwise would not fit.

Option 2: Multiple possible Commitments

2.1 Commitment Selector Component

If you are using Lightning Layout and your administrator has enabled the Commitment Selector Component (Version 2.94 and up), you can easily pick the correct Commitment right from your Media Campaign page layout: Select the correct commitment and click on the Save button. 

2.2 Commitment Selector Button

You can assign Commitments manually or alternatively use the Commitment Selector Button for your commitment fields. The selector will filter for only valid and matching Commitments (Version 2.92 and up). Open your Media Campaign and click on the Commitment Selector button. This button has to be enabled by your administrator. 



The next window will offer you a list of Commitments. From version 2.101 and up we offer the possibility to select commitments in the selector according to the active record types in your Org. The different sections are only shown if there are record types which have matching commitments according to the criteria of the Media Campaign. 

Pick the correct commitments and hit save.

The result in your Media Campaign will look like this then:

If your chosen commitment no longer matches the criteria (for example change of runtime vs. validity, change of accounts etc) when opening the commitment selector you will see a message like this:

Record Type


Record Type


Advertiser / Agency Discount

The currently selected Advertiser/Agency Discount Commitment doesn’t match the Media Campaigns Account, Agency and or Account/Agency relation and or Legal Entity.

Agency Earning

The currently selected Agency Earning Commitment doesn’t match the Media Campaigns Agency and or Legal Entity.

Third Party Commission

The currently selected Third Party Commission Commitment doesn’t match the Media Campaigns Intermediary and or Legal Entity.

Option 3: no matching Commitments

When there aren't any matching Commitments in the system, the Commitment Selector will show the following message

It can be that a previously matching Commitment is still selected, in which case you will see the following warning in the Commitment Selector

Option 4: Disabling Commitment Matching/Application

Version 2.125

If you are creating a Media Campaign which you don't want matched to Commitments, or to have matched Commitments applied to the items, you can mark the Media Campaign as irrelevant for Commitments. This field may needed to be added to your Media Campaign layout by your Salesforce Admin. 

If a Media Campaign is marked as irrelevant for Commitments, automatic commitment application will not take place. Manually selected or previously selected Commitments will not be applied. Users are notified of this both in the Commitment Selector and the when attempting to apply Commitments.

Error handling

When a Commitment no longer matches the Media Campaign which it is assigned to users will be warned in the Commitment Selector.