[Import Programmatic Data] from Burt to ADvendio


How to start the import process, and how can I check if data has been imported?


To do that, you can either schedule the import process or start it manually.



ADvendio does not import single Auctions / Deals, but will already aggregate the data to a certain extent. We will summarize the data by the following:

  • The Advertiser / Buyer

  • The part of the Inventory, which has been sold

  • The type of Deal and how it has been charged

  • Data will always be aggregated for full months

  • The Programmatic Partner (available for BURT)


Monthly data import consideration

  • Programmatic Data will always be imported for a whole month.

  • If an import is made from the 1st to the 10th day of a month, ADvendio will import/update data from the previous and the current month.

  • After the 7th. day, data will only be imported for the current month and the previous month can be considered completed, and ready for further use.


BURT Data request import:

  • Here is an overview of the data mapping for the Burt integration

  • To understand how the Media Campaigns and Campaign Items are generated, check the following wiki section.

  • Keep in mind that ADvendio aggregates the number of sold impressions and revenue by month.

Burt naming

Programmatic Data name in Advendio

Campaign location



Burt naming

Programmatic Data name in Advendio

Campaign location




Ad Unit / Site Section Name

Campaign Item

news.com - homepage - ver1

The name of the inventory that has been used.

Mapped Advertiser

Advertiser Name

Media Campaign

Media Corp Ltd.

The Name of the Advertiser/Buyer


Cost Type (CPM as fixed value)

Campaign Item


At the moment, all the data imported from Burt uses CPM as the associated cost type.

Creative Size

Creative Size / Format

Campaign Item


Indicates which format has been used


Currency ISO Code

Media Campaign

EUR, CAD, etc

All data imported from Burt uses the USER Default Currency
From the user who triggers the Schedule Report
(Only from v2.169.2 onwards)
All previous versions would have EUR as the default and only currency available

Transaction Type

Deal Type

Campaign Item

Private Auction

The type of Auction, for example, Preferred Deal, Open Auction, and so on.



Campaign Item





Campaign Item


The number of sold impressions.



Media Campaign/Campaign Item


The Month, for which the data has been aggregated.


SSP Partner

Media Campaign


The Programmatic/SSP Partner associated with the respective programmatic data entry.

  • Only for BURT

Net Revenue

Revenue (eCPM)

Campaign Item


The actual revenue generated for the Inventory / Size in that Month


Now that the programmatic advertisers, prices, and partners have been imported and are available in ADvendio, it is time to connect and match the data.

We need to:

  • To have in mind how our report’s unique key generation system works

  • To generate Unique Keys we consider the following dimensions:

    • Connection object ID

    • Ad unit ID

    • Ad unit name (Site)

    • Cost type

    • Creative size

    • Currency

    • Partner (if exists)

    • Deal Type

  • The Deal type of the AdSpec is the one that would be considered over the Deal Type of the Programmatic Price


Import Errors & Fixes

Certain programmatic prices are not getting imported - what can I do?

  • One reason why the import of some programmatic prices could fail is related to the missing picklist values from Deal Type (ADvendio__DealType__c; object Programmatic Prices).

  • We have supported initially only Open Auction and Private Auction. Starting with 2.144.1, the following values should be added as well:

    • First Look (for Values and API Name)

    • Preferred Deal (for Values and API Name)

    • Programmatic Guaranteed (for Values and API Name)