How to manage 'Digital' Campaign Item targeting with preconfigured Targeting Sets


Supported AdServers

Google Ad Manager, Xandr, Freewheel, AdsWizz


 Order Manager - Fulfilment


During the configuration of Campaign Items, more or less complex targeting criteria need to be defined. This will make sure that once the item gets submitted to an external system:

  • the right format is configured

  • the right target audiences are defined

  • your ad runs at the right times and with matching brand safety settings

  • and much more

Now depending on the external system, you're dealing with this could mean rather complex steps and requires the user at least some familiarity with what to select. Is there a way to make this easier and to help directly select certain targeting configurations for the Campaign Item, so they don't have to be created manually each time?


What are Targeting Sets?

Targeting Sets are, as the name suggests, a set of AdServer-related targeting criteria. You can select these for your item at the click of a button and then ADvendio will automatically use all defined criteria within the set to submit them to your AdServer. This has several advantages for your team:

  1. Less clicking, more selling: Instead of manually searching and clicking through all the different device capabilities, countries, audiences, browsers and so on, your Sales Rep can now pick whatever he likes from a handy list of predefined sets.

  2. Less room for errors! The configuration of items for an AdServer can be quite tricky! Not everybody has enough background knowledge to set the right Audience Segment combination or let's say you need to use technical targeting criteria, which only the experts understand. One misclick and the item won't perform well, thus you're losing money! Let your Product Management or Ad Ops have full control over what's inside a Targeting Set, preventing these errors from happening.

  3. Easier communication with your clients: So now you have a long list of targeting criteria or a complex string of keys and values, what will you do with that? You don't want to hide that there is a certain Targeting Configuration on your item, but in it's raw format, this looks rather complicated, especially for a quote pdf. Targeting Sets can help! Instead of breaking down all criteria, you can display only the names of your assigned sets for each item, instead of the full criteria breakdown. Save a lot of confusion by writing for example: "Male - Age 19-49" instead of ((Gender = male) AND (Age=19-28 OR 29-38 OR 39-49))


Select Targeting Sets in Media Configuration

You can simply select your Targeting Sets in the Media Configuration like any other targeting criteria. Click on the edit button of the column Targeting Sets. Your Admin will need to configure the Tab Setup in order to display the correct column.

Click the edit button underneath the Targeting Sets field to open a new dialog. This dialog has two different tabs. The first one you start with shows already selected Targeting Sets. If you haven't selected any Targeting Sets yet, this will be empty.

Select the tab "Add Targeting Sets". There you will see a list of existing Targeting Sets for your Campaign Item. You can also enter a search term in the search bar. Click on the plus symbol on the left to add the Targeting Set to your selection.

Once you've selected your desired sets and clicked save in the Media Configuration, you can also see your selection in the related list Selected Targeting Sets underneath your Campaign Items.

Please take note that if the targeting set is being changed after adding it to your campaign item, the changed targeting set will be taken into account for outstanding AdServer submit processes.

Every Selected Targeting Set will then be automatically included while checking AdServer availabilities and during the submission to AdServer. The selected Targeting Sets will then also be shown under each Campaign Item on the quote and invoice pdfs. 

Like any targeting information, you have the option to hide these by setting the Hide Targeting Sets on PDF checkbox at the Campaign Item.

Manually assign Targeting Sets

You can also manually assign your Targeting Set to Campaign you can go to the already mentioned related list Selected Targeting Sets at Campaign Item. Click on the new button, to manually create a new assignment:

A new window appears, where you can search for the Targeting Set you would like to use. Then click save, to save your selection.

Using Multiple Targeting Sets and Manually Setting Targeting Criteria for Enhanced Ad Server Submissions

If you're using multiple Targeting Sets or manually setting targeting criteria for your Campaign Item, the following logic will be applied while submitting them to the AdServer:

  • Connection, Device, Inventory, Geo & Video Targeting: each criterion from a targeting set will be added to the item as if it was selected manually.

  • Day&Time Targeting: The different Day & Time targetings will be combined into one, where overlapping periods will be merged. Example: Set 1: Monday 9:00-15:59, Set 2: Monday 14:00-17:59 will turn into Monday 9:00-17:59

  • Frequency Capping: Attention: currently not possible to be set in multiple targeting sets at the same time. Will return an error message when trying to submit to AdServer

  • Key Value and Audience Targeting: The Key Value or Audience Targeting String that is part of a Targeting Set will be taken as a whole and connected via AND to the rest of the targeting at Campaign Item or other Targeting Sets


How to manage and create Targeting Sets

There are multiple possibilities to create and manage your Targeting Sets. For more information have a look at: 3.5.12 Create and Manage Targeting Sets