1.3 Activities

Activity Timeline

When you look at a record in Salesforce Classic, such as a Contact or Media Campaign, you use the Open Activity and Activity History related lists to stay on top of activities. In Lightning Experience, the details in those lists are surfaced in a more intelligent way in the activity timeline. This is like an activity master control center for everything relating to the record you’re on. Instead of going to different related lists to get an overview, it’s all in one place, and directly in the record that you’re focused on.

Recap the Latest Activities

Your colleague is out of the office, and you’re handling their accounts and media campaigns until they get back. When a client calls, how do you get up to speed on what’s been happening? Or maybe it’s you who’s been out of the office. Now you’re back, and need to find out what’s happened while you’ve been gone. In either case, the activity timeline is your best friend.