How to sell reach extension packages and media buying services to your advertisers as a publisher via the ADvendio Media Buying Pilot?


Order Manager - Fulfilment, System Administrator


ADvendio Buying Pilot Version: 1.0


 As a publisher you are looking ways to broaden your portfolio and help your customers reach their audiences on many different channels. This might also include offering additional ads in Social Media platforms or to buy inventory via a partner network in a DSP.

To do this you might want to offer your customers:

  • A reach extension package for a fixed amount per month (e.G. $500.00 per month) which will be delivered via premium publishing partners in a DSP and reach at least 100.000 Impressions

  • An additional Campaign on a Social Media Platform which fits to the Ads on your own inventory for a certain amount, trying to reach as many users as possible.

How can the ADvendio Media Buying Pilot support this? Is there a way to add these as Campaign Items to your regular Media Campaigns for your advertisers?


The ADvendio Media Buying Pilot has the goal to help you further streamline these processes and allow you to add these services as new Campaign Items with a few simple steps. This will help to manage all transactions with your Advertisers via ADvendio Media Campaigns. So you have a single point of view to see and manage your business!

In order to do this, ADvendio offers a two level structure to manage your Media Transactions.

On the one side, we have Media Campaigns and Campaign Items, which represent what you will be selling to your advertisers. These items are shown on proposals and later also invoices. You can use these to plan and also to match against advertiser budgets and goals.

Then, we offer Buying Orders and Items. They represent items that will be send to a DSP or Social Media platform, but also just in general which steps you take to actually book the ads or services sold.

So how can this be managed from ADvendio? We prepared an easy workflow on the features you could use and how they will help you manage your sales and buying activities:

  1. You will need to add new Campaign Items for your reach extensions, media buying or other services

  2. Enter the data like time frame, goals and generate proposals for your advertisers

  3. Depending on the involved systems, you can use ADvendio Connect to send your Orders and Items directly into the Social Media Platform or DSP (e.g. with our Google Display & Video 360 Integration)

  4. Check the performance of rung items and if they stay in budget.

Please note that this flow is a guideline, and depending on your customer environment there are different steps or settings available, please contact your System Administrator for more information.

Add Buying Activity & Service Campaign Items to your Media Campaign

To start the creation of reach extensions or similar service packages, you need to create new Campaign Items. This can be done as with regular items, by searching for the right products via the Media Search.

How these are named, is depending on your configuration. Once you find the right product, add them to your basket and continue with the Media Configuration.

Now you can proceed to fill out the required fields. As we’re selling fixed packages with a pre defined price, the quantity needs to be set to 1. The from and until date, represents the time frame of the desired service. In our case this is for a whole month.

Depending on customization, you can fill many additional fields, for example to further track campaign goals or to save how many impressions should be reached at least. 

Once the Campaign Item is saved, you can continue to follow the usual Media Campaign process. For example to generate a proposal document for your customer:


Manage the Execution of Buying Activities & Send data over to connected systems

Once the Campaign Item creation is finished, you can proceed to create Buying Orders and Buying Items, those represent your actual buying activities and cost.

Our Pilot extension provides you additional guided screens, which help with the creation of Buying Orders and Items, for example to prepare sending your positions to a DSP. To know more about how to use those features take a look at the following page:


Check the performance of running Campaigns / Buying Activities

Once your position is up and running, all Buying Orders and Buying Items are linked to the Campaign Item. If you open the record page of your Campaign Item, you can view those in the related tab and also see just how much money is already spend and how many Impressions, clicks or similar are aquired.

Your system Administrator can also use this relation to configure Salesforce Repots on the key numbers, so you can easily compare the total media cost of Buying Items with the Price you’re selling to your advertiser.



In order to use these features efficiently, we recommend to go through all the setup steps of our Buying Pilot Extension, which can be found here:



To create Campaign Items for your advertisers, you will need to prepare Ad Specs, which represent the services or reach extensions you’re trying to sell.

For this example case, we recommend using a fixed price or cost per month model, where you enter the final package price as your Sales Price (e.g. 500,00$ for a reach extension for a month). This way your sales reps, just need to enter the specific time frame and set the quantity to 1, in order to be ready with the preparation.

You can find more information and a more detailed step by step guide for the configuration here: