7.4.3 Edit Salesforce Layouts

When a new update with new features is released, you might need to adjust your objects' layouts to fit the new function (buttons, fields, related lists) into the layout. This is easy since must components can be added and removed using drag & drop.


Open the Edit Layout Mode

To customize the page layout, e.g. of media campaigns, open any record of this type and click Edit Layout.

Edit Layout Mode

You are able to change both the elements displayed themselves and their order to create a layout meeting your needs.

  1. Choose a component category.
  2. Pick an element and insert it to your layout using drag & drop. To remove it, pick it up and drag it back to the box.
  3. Buttons are displayed at the top of the sample layout. You can only place buttons here.
  4. Fields are placed in the Media Campaign Detail section. You can also add blank spaces to set groups of fields apart and thus improve the layout's structure. To add more structure to the layout, insert sections such as the Calculation & Discounts sections. These can be further customized, too.

Edit Related Lists & Save

The next steps demonstrate the customization of related lists and how to save the changes to your layout.

  1. When you drag an element into the layout, you see a colored symbol next to the element's name. When it shows a green tick, you are able to drop the element at this spot.
  2. To remove or edit a related lists, click these symbols. Use the grippers symbol to change the order of columns and add buttons to the related list if available.
  3. When you have finished customizing your layout, click Save.