What does the label "deprecated" mean?

Sometimes, after updating to a new version of ADvendio, you might notice fields, buttons, or objects marked as "(deprecated)". This indicates that the component is not in use anymore by the ADvendio package. 

  • Links, 
  • buttons, and 
  • lightning actions

might not work anymore.

  • Fields and 
  • objects 

marked as deprecated, will not be used by ADvendio features anymore, their data might be outdated. Some fields, like formulas, will still continue to work, but ADvendio will not guarantee, that they will behave correctly especially in combination with new features.


Why do you see deprecated fields?

As ADvendio is a managed package in Salesforce, nothing that exists in your org can be deleted with the installation of a new ADvendio version. Once we remove a component from ADvendio it will always remain in your org. 

As a system administrator, you can delete those items manually. Contrary to other components of ADvendio you will not receive an error message

Here is how to:

To check whether you are able to delete a deprecated component, look for the managed package icon in setup. If it's not there, you are free to delete. Currently, this is only really visible when using Salesforce Classic UI:

The following components can be affected by this:

  • Custom Objects
  • Custom Fields
  • Custom Tabs
  • Custom Buttons, Links and Actions
  • Custom Record Types

What do you need to do with deprecated fields?

As a normal user, please contact your System Administrator, if you notice something marked as deprecated. 

As a system administrator we recommend the following steps:

  1. Look at our Deprecation Schedule in the Change log. There you will find more information about when the feature is removed and what the exact steps are to replace it (if necessary)
  2. Make sure you're not using this field in any of your customizations. For example, Custom Reports, Filter Criteria, Workflow Rules, Validations, Lightning Flows or Process Flows
  3. Remove the field/link from Page Layouts
  4. Sometimes a component is already deprecated, but can't be deleted yet. (see also the chapter above: "Why do you see deprecated fields") See the deprecation schedule for further information, with which ADvendio Version a component will be deletable.
  5. If a component is deletable, you are now able to delete it. If any of your customizations are still using the field (see Step 2. - 3.) Salesforce will provide an error message and lists where you still need to act.

You are still free to keep these components in your Org and continue to use them.

ADvendio will not guarantee that they will work without errors in new Versions. If you encounter your technical account manager will be able to provide you an offer how we can support you.