2.3.2 Use Visit Report

Instead of documenting visits and calls with the standard activity record of Salesforce we have added a Visit Report feature: Send visit reports to your business partners after a meeting from ADvendio.com. Add a record to your media campaign and send out the email. There are two types of visit reports:

  1. The simple version for online advertising under the media campaign's related lists offers enough space to quickly create a report and add it to the campaign to keep track of past activities. 
  2. The more complex visit report for print advertising displayed as the button "Visit Reports" in the media campaign's details, allows you to write complete emails and send them to multiple recipients. Stored as separate objects, you can create pdf reports to evaluate your visit reports.

1 Create New Visit Report for Online Media

Open a media campaign and scroll down to its related list Visit Reports. Click New Visit Report. As Record Type for the Visit Report choose Sent as this has already happened and been sent to the customer. You're just trying to document the activity directly at the Media Campaign.

1.1 Enter Visit Report Information

Now enter information on the meeting.

  1. Select the involved account using the look-up function and add the contact you have visited.
  2. The field Date requires both information on date and time.
  3. Click Save to complete the visit report.

You will then find the visit report as a record of the related list Visit Reports.

2 Create Visit Report for Print Media

Open a media campaign and click the Enhanced Visit Report button to create a visit report for print media.

2.1 Enter Visit Report Information

A visit report for print media contains a lot of information.

  1. Some of the important information will be filled out automatically with data related to the media campaign.
  2. Fill out more information, such as the contact person of the customer, using the look-up function.
  3. Click into the field Recipient Names to select the persons you would like to send this report to. A new window opens, displaying contacts and mailing lists. Click on one of these to add them to the recipients. Click them a second time to remove them from the list of recipients.
  4. Under Additional Information, you can provide information on the next steps you plan to take.
  5. If have predefined templates for your visit reports you can choose one here and the information of the template will automatically be used in your visit report. For more information see also 2.3.4 Create VisitReportTemplates

2.2 Enter Body and Complete Visit Report

Below the first section, you find a field to enter the report's body. Once the report is written, you have several options how to proceed.

  • Click Save and Back to save the visit report as a record under the Visit Reports tab.
  • Click Preview PDF to open the report in PDF format. You can then save the document to your computer.
  • When you click Send mail and attach pdf, the visit report will automatically be sent to the recipients, and all persons entered in the fields: Others, CC and BCC. You can find a copy of the PDF attached to the Visit Report in the attachment related list. 

After saving a Visit Report it will also be attached to all entered accounts, contacts and sites. Just take a look at the related list for Visit Reports. Here for example at the Customer Account: