2.4 Legal Entities

ADvendio offers you to use Legal Entities which we recommend to use if you are using ADvendio invoicing. Then you will have to create at least your company as a legal entity. If you have many subsideraries or companies with different location you can also use this feature. Navigate to the App Launcher → Legal Entities and click on new.

Create a new Legal Entity

Create a Legal Entitiy:

  1. Navigate to Object Legal Entities and click the button New Legal Entity.
  2. Enter the Legal Entity Name.
  3. Define the Starting Number Of Media Campaign.
  4. Define the Starting Number Of Invoice.
  5. Select the matching Quote and Invoice Preferences. You can customize them with the appropriate Logo and settings. Read how to below.
  6. Optional: If you like to keep to keep the number of digits on your number constant pls enter a value in the field "Left Pad Of Number Of Media Campaign" or "Left Pad Of Number Of Invoice"
  7. Add Billing Address
  8. Enter Accounting Information
    1. IBAN, BIC
    2. Billing Country ISO Code (relevant to calculate 6.1.4 Value Added Tax (VAT))
    3. Fill in Entities Currency and
    4. Company Code if applicable.
    5. Start of the Week: This selection defines which day is set to the beginning of the week and will be chosen by the system when your billing payment interval is set to weekly. It is defined by a Edited in a Picklist Values Sets (Global Picklists)

Click the button Save to create this legal entity record.

Link Legal Entity to Media Campaign

Open your Media Campaign and select your relevant legal entity that is selling this campaign. The PDF will be used according to the Quote / Invoice Preference Hierarchy.

Version 2.100 and up: The invoice trigger was enhanced to handle late changes of the Legal Entities on your media campaign, making sure that the releated invoice numbering is correct.