Quote / Invoice Preference Hierarchy

The user has multiple options to set the quote or invoice preferences to create a PDF document in his media campaign or invoice. For all settings you need to have defined your preference beforehand. 

Read here how to set up your preferences:


The top is the leading and if that one is not set the next level is used until the system finds your active record at last. 

  1. Set in MC record →
  2. Set in Personal Setting →
  3. Set in Admin Settings →
  4. Default in Legal Entity record →
  5. Active Preference Record

1. Set in Record

Version 2.93 and up

If you like to individualize the layout for a certain campaign you can overwrite all standards and hand pick a layout. To do so, edit the Media Campaign and fill in the fields Quote Preferences and Invoice Preferences and link to the correct preference record, and save the record. 

If you have selected a layout here, this will always overrule ALL other layouts!

2. Set in Personal Settings

Version 2.93 and up

If you personally always like to use a certain PDF layout i.e. for your department or team, then you can set this in your personal settings. Navigate to the App Launcher and search for Administration Settings, as a normal user you can only open the Personal Settings Tab.

3. Set in Administration Settings

Version 2.93 and up

The Administrator can set the organization default in the Administration Settings similar to the users in their personal setting. Navigate to the App Launcher and search for Administration Settings. Click on the Administration Settings Tab and scroll to the bottom of the page and select the Preference Record you like to set as a standard. 

4. Set Default in Legal Entity

If you are using Legal Entities, ADvendio chooses the preference settings which are references in the legal entity that you link in your Media Campaign. Read here how to 7.2.6 Configure Legal Entities.

5. Set Active Checkbox in Preference Record

The active preference record in your Quote/Invoice Preferences will be taken as default in the absence of anything being set in the MC (1), in your personal settings (2), in Admin Settings (3) or on Legal Entity level. Therefore, there can only be ONE active record for your Quote or Invoice Preferences.  All other preferences which aren't marked as active, but can still be used if referenced in either the MC, Personal Settings, Admin Settings or on Legal Entity level.