5.6 How to report and invoice the monthly media spent of your Advertisers from a DSP


You are buying media inventory on behalf of your advertisers via a DSP. You want to gain an overview about what each advertiser spent on your different DSPs and to bill those activities, you want to generate monthly invoices based on the total media spent of your advertisers.


To report and invoice the monthly media spent of your advertisers, you can use our Programmatic Revenue Import for DSPs. This will help you to generate ready to invoice campaigns with the monthly media spent per advertiser and will provide you the right information to use Salesforce Analytics to see what each advertiser spent on each DSP.

First you will need to make sure that a working connection to a DSP or Datorama is established and the import of data has been scheduled and successfully ran. Once this is ensured ADvendio can generate Media Campaigns based on the data. This process can be run manually or be fully automated, to save additional time.

Why Media Campaigns and what information do they contain?

The Media Campaigns are needed as base for the ADvendio Invoicing process. They can also help you to connect the media spent to the accounts of your advertisers in your Salesforce, bringen CRM and transaction data together.

A Media Campaign generated from DSP data usually contains the following information:

  1. The Account of your advertiser 

  2. The DSP / External Source, where the media spent is coming from

  3. Campaign Items, which summarize the media spent. Showing the number of bought impressions, the total cost/spent and the average CPM for the month

The data is always aggregated per month and there will be an individual campaign for each month and advertiser. Your System Administrator is able to configure many of the information that will be set for those campaigns and how the advertisers 

How to report on your advertisers media spend?

You can use this feature to have a separate Media Campaign for each advertiser and each DSP and easily use this data in our analytics extension or the Salesforce reporting.


How to invoice the media spend towards advertisers?

These Media Campaigns can then be used in your next billing run to generate invoices and automatically sent them to your advertisers via Email. Our Invoicing module will help you to automize many steps, saving you many manual steps.


General Settings for the DSP connection

To successfully connect your DSP and import the media buying data into ADvendio please have a look at:

Or you can leverage our Datorama integration in order to get access to the required data.


Configure advertiser mapping from DSP to Salesforce

In order to generate campaigns you will need to connect your advertisers from the DSP to your Salesforce accounts. This can be done for example with the Programmatic Advertiser Wizard, which works the same for DSPs as for SSPs


Configure media spent Campaign Item

To generate the media spent items, you will need to configure at least one Ad Price to use. This is required for connected ADvendio processes to work properly. To keep it simple we recommend to create an example product with a generic site, placement and ad type (e.g. Site = DSP Name, Placement = Media Spent, Ad Type = Total) and 1$ CPM price. To create this you can use on of the many inventory management features of ADvendio.

Once you have your generic Ad Price, you will need to connect it to the DSP connection. During the programmatic import there will also be an empty Programmatic Price generated underneath the AdServer Login. You will need to connect your Ad Price with this Programmatic Price via the Ad Price field. This can either be done manually or via the Programmatic Price Wizard.



Generate Media Campaigns

As a final step you will now need to run the Media Campaign generation. This can either be done manually or be scheduled to run automatically at a fixed interval. Once the process has run through you will receive an email with the results and can start your invoicing process.

If you need, you can configure the Media Campaign generation to set fields with a specific value. This can help you to differentiate between your regular and your Media Spent Campaigns or help you to filter them for other processes. See how to configure your Media Campaign generation for more information.