3.9.1 How to target the right audience by using Key Values/Audience Segments in Targeting Sets?


2.131 and up


Key values and audience segments belonging to different targeting sets need to be combined with logical operators in order to ensure correct targeting.


First the setup of the data will need to be done according to what is being explained below.

Upon starting the Media Configuration Targeting Sets can be assigned as explained on this page: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/874381343

After selecting the Targeting Sets the job is done automatically. Depending on the setup of the Targeting Sets and their Targeting Groups the correct operators will be set while checking availability and doing a submit to the AdServer.


For example, you want to create a FreeWheel ad and you want to target your ads to an audience where the following parameters are matching:

  • Interest is sports

  • Age is 15-24 or Age is 25-34.

To set this up it is needed to create three targeting sets with the assigned targeting parameters:

  1. Sports

  2. Age 15-24

  3. Age 25-34

Please have a look at this Wiki article to learn how to create Targeting Sets: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/874840116

Each of these Targeting Sets needs to be assigned to one Targeting Group. Therefore there should be three Targeting Groups with the same names as the Targeting Sets.

Please read this Wiki article to learn how to create Targeting Groups: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/129736829

Please take note that it only makes sense to connect multiple Targeting Sets to the same Targeting Group when they do not belong to the same Connection / AdServer Login.

As a viewer of an ad can not fit into two age groups at the same time those will be connected to fit only into one of the two age groups (logical OR operator).

The Category field on the Targeting Groups is very important for this feature as this will decide how the Targeting Sets will be connected later in the AdServer.

Therefore, the Category value on the Targeting Group will be set to “Age” for the Targeting Groups Age 15-24 and Age 25-34.

For the Sports interest the audience should match this targeting in every case (Logical AND operator). For this setup no value needs to be set on Targeting Group level.

After creating this setup the Targeting Sets will now be matched like this:
Upon checking availability/submitting the Campaign Item with the connected Targeting Sets the according Key Values and Audience Segments will be grouped with the logical OR operator when their connected Targeting Group has the same Category value and with a logical AND operator when the Category is empty or does not have the same value. All different Categories and empty Categories will then be connected with a logical AND operator.