9.8 Self-Service Briefing and Reporting Features


The Self Service Portal is a powerful tool that offers a variety of features to help you save time and provide efficient service to customers. These features help streamline the advertising campaign process and improve the customer experience.



2.163 and up


Self Service


Self Service can be used by publishers or agencies to submit their advertising campaign requirements directly through the self-service platform and efficiently prepare reports and send them to your customers. This can be done using the following features:



Submit a Media Campaign requirements form (New Briefing)

Feature "New Briefing" eliminates the need for sales representatives to manually collect information and saves valuable time. For example, Advertisers can provide details such as Budget, Goal, Target audience, and campaign Start and End Dates which will be reflected in the submission form.

IMPORTANT: The specific fields available in this form can be configured based on your publisher's requirements and settings.



Reports and Invoices Analytics


The Self-Service Portal offers real-time updates on delivery numbers, so you can stay informed and respond to any issues or concerns quickly. This feature eliminates the need to manually gather and compile data, saving time.

Customers can also download invoices on demand from the portal, which allows for easy and efficient record-keeping and accounting. This feature saves you time and effort by reducing the need for customers to reach out to you for invoices.