7.7.9 IntegrationX Adpoint

ADPOINT is a solution for digital and print creative management. Used by media companies across the world, ADPOINT automates all processes related to chasing, validating, producing, proofing and distributing creatives and the best of it: it also connects to ADvendio.

  • ADPOINT queries all of ADvendio's campaign items which have been modified since the previous check (usually every 2 minutes). This interface pulls data using the salesforce API. 
  • The first query might take a long time - later queries are split into batches of a few hundred items. 
  • Any items matching configured query criteria get import into the ADPOINT database. 
  • For some data (when there are only IDs and there are no record fields) ADPOINT makes additional queries to ADvendio / Salesforce.
  • In some cases, ADPOINT writes data back to ADvendio (usually using a second user account) i.e. for material specifications that are processed in ADPOINT.

Contact ADPOINT at 

Integration X

Website: integration-x.com

Email: sales@integration-x.com

Telephone: +45 4816 1690