3.7.2 Content Wizard

The Content Wizard helps you to create and manage Content records. It will create Content and also the related records to link the content to AdServer IDs (Content AdServerID Assignment) and optionally to Placements (Placement Content Assignments). Take a look at the 3.1.8 Content. Open the Content Wizard by navigating to Overview - Inventory Management - Content Wizard

1. Select or Create new Content 

Either select an existing content record from the drop-down or click on the plus icon to open the New Content page.


If you create a new record by clicking on the PLUS fill in the required fields like

  • name, 

  • set the status, and 

  • active flag.

1.1 Content in the Booking Calendar

Optionally if you are using content to manage exclusive ad spaces then set the following limits

  • Maximum Applicability Unit, 

  • Constant Quantity, and 

  • Maximum Applicability. 

Read more about 4.2.3 Exclusivity Checks and 4.9 Booking Calendar.

2. Assign AdserverID Information

To edit and link the AdServer ID make sure that your AdServer Login is selected in the dropdown box. 

Next click on the edit button. This will open a window to select the relevant AdServerId(s). 

Hit Save to save your selected AdServerID and have them linked to the content.

3. Assign Placements (Optionally)

Additionally, you can also assign Placements to your content here. 

Next click on the edit button. This will open a window to select relevant Placement(s). 


You have two options to work with content: 

  1. Make sure that if you assign content to your placements that you do that for all placements which need to use the content records. Version 2.119 and up needs to assign ALL children to the placement also in order to show in the tree. 

  2. If you don't use assignments, all content will show up in the media configuration. Check whether the system might have demo records. Make sure to delete all of those. 

Version 2.115 -  2.118 has a bug that inverts the behavior. Make sure to update it to a newer version!

4. Modify existing Content

Just like you can create new Content records and link to AdServerIds and Placements you can also edit existing records with the help of the wizard. Open your content by searching or picking from the drop-down. Then edit the necessary data just like you would for a new record.