3.7.1 Content Assignments

Instead of using the Content Wizard you can also manually create Content Assignments. You can use these assignments to limit the number of options for your users and therefore offer them only reasonable content which matches their selected AdPrice. There are different assignments possible: 1.) Assign Content to Placements , 2.) Assign Content to Ad Prices and 3.) Assign Placement Content Assignments to Publication Dates. 

Please consider before using this that if you are using a single assignment record you will have to assign these for all your data otherwise the system offers no content at all.

1. Create Placement Content Assignments

Open the Placement Content Assignment by search in the App Launcher for Placement. Alternatively use the Overview Tab. 

Select your Placement and map with a Content record. 

Creating a Placement Content Assignment will connect the content to all products related to the selected Placement. An automated trigger which builds Content AdPrice Assignments for all related AdPrices for you. That way you can use the content in the media configurator and don't have to do step 2.

2. Create Content Ad Price Assignment

If you like to manage the your Content AdPrice Assignments manually, go to the Content Adprice Assignment Object (App Launcher - type Object name) and create a new record by clicking on the NEW button:

Link AdPrice with your selection of Content and hit save. 

3. Assign Placement Content Assignments to Publication Dates

If you want to make certain Content Placement combinations only available on selected Publication Dates you can easily do so by making use of the object Publication Placement Content Assignment.

This will limit the Content options displayed to your sales team to those that are available on a Publication Date for an easier and less error-prone selection.

Search for Publication Placement Content Assignment in the App Launcher or go to the Related Tab of the Placement Content Assignment you want to connect and click "New":

  • Enter a Name for the Assignment and
  • select the Placement Content Assignment
  • and Publication Date you want to connect.
  • Hit "Save"

If you want to connect the Placement Content Assignment to multiple Publication Dates the easiest way to do so is creating one assignment and cloning it as often as needed. This way you only have to change the Publication Date in the records, the Name can be the same for all the assignments.