7.7.10 [Integration Overview] of Burt (Media Analytics)


2.144.1 and up

License Plan / Edition

Programmatic, ADvendio Storage


Note: Starting with 2.150, we have enhanced the Programmatic Media Campaign creation process for Burt.


While working in ads industry, it is important to always double-check the data stored at the level of Media Campaigns and Campaign Items, respectively. This can in turn lead to wrongly invoiced amounts. Therefore, third party data needs to be entered and used for invoicing and further financial processes for the purposes of reconciliation support, ensuring accuracy and transparency.

Or you simply want to bring data from AdServers that do not (yet) have a direct integration built to ADvendio. Burt integration can help you bring that data to ADvendio and create relevant Media Campaigns and Campaign items, information which can be later used for analytics purposes or finance.


Burt integration offers you flexibility in the way in which data comes into ADvendio and how to have it utilized efficiently.

Please note that the following documentation is connected to the Programmatic Data import feature. For a more detailed explanation, please follow this link: https://advendio.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/SO/pages/816218119 .

To bring data from Burt to ADvendio, the following steps need to be taken:

  1. Connect Burt to ADvendio

  2. Import programmatic data from Burt to ADvendio

  3. Connect and match the data to your Salesforce data

    1. Connect Buyers / Advertisers to your ADvendio Accounts (Programmatic Advertiser Wizard)

    2. Connect Ad Units / Placements / formats to your ADvendio Product (Programmatic Price Wizard)

    3. Connect Programmatic Partners to your ADvendio Accounts (2.150 and up)

  4. Generate Media Campaigns (and Campaign Items) from your Programmatic Data



For the configuration of the connection, we generally recommend this to be done by a user with System Administrator permissions to confirm that there is enough access to all related objects and field.

Additionally, you will need to make sure that the following things are available for your users:

  • The Record Type Burt for the object Connection (please also check if this record type is assigned to the user profiles)

  • You might need to create a new Page Layout for Burt which only shows the relevant fields and check login button

  • Double check if the following fields are available to the relevant users:

    • SSP Header Bidding Partner (object Campaign Item till; used till 2.149)

    • SSP Partner (object Programmatic Price)

    • Deal Type (objects Ad Price, Campaign Item, Programmatic Price)

    • Programmatic Partner (object Media Campaign)