3.3.4 Ad Price activation

The Ad Specs & Rates Manager helps you to easily generate new Ad Specs that contain all needed information, including pricing information. These pricing information needs to be updated from time to time, in some cases rates need to be deactivated because of the fact that Ad Specs will be changed or not sold anymore.

Activate / Deactivate Ad Prices

Activate the rate information to be able to use the rate, for instance in the media search and media configuration. If a rate is no longer needed, deactivate the checkbox and this rate is no longer available. Moreover, all Media Campaigns using this rate are untouched and historical data is saved correctly in your system, for instance using reports or account turnover.

Select the Ad Price you want to edit:

  1. Click Edit.
  2. Deselect the checkbox Active
  3. Click Save.

vCPM: To use the vCPM ask your administrator to add the Picklist Values vCPM - Field Billing Category to Object Campaign Item and AdPrice. Please also note it is not possible to use vCPM for Master-Companion AdTypes DFP. This restriction is given by the dfp API as well as the UI.