1.2.1 Salesforce Classic Overview

To work with ADvendio.com: The design of your ADvendio.com system consists of certain components, representing different functions. Get to know the different homepage components.

The Navigation

The ADvendio.com system provides you with some options how to navigate between objects and records.

  1. The tab bar displays the different features of ADvendio.com. It's your main navigating device. The plus sign in the right-hand corner of the tab bar represents the All Tabs menu. There, you find all of the objects available in ADvendio.com. To customize the tab bar, see the lesson 'Tabs'.
  2. The search function helps you find any data record. When you enter a letter or word, the search field will expand, offering you to search for the letter or word followed by an asterisk. This means that the system will be searched for any record starting with the combination of letters entered before the asterisk.
  3. Next to the search field, you find the user menu (your name) and the Help & Training link. There, you are able to customize the system, e.g. you can change your password and language settings, create e-mail templates, etc.
  4. The sidebar is the second navigating device. With the quick creation menu you can add new records to your system without opening the associated tab first. Recent Items lists a number of records you recently opened.

The Home Tab Overview

The Home tab offers an overview of your tasks and results.

  1. In the Feed section, comments on objects and other posts are displayed.
  2. The Calendar displays your upcoming calendar events and tasks. Salesforce offers both an individual calendar and a calendar displaying all appointments of a certain group of people. For more information on this multi-user view, see the lesson 'Calendar'.
  3. The Dashboard section shows selected reports.

The Feed Section

The Feed section keeps you up-to-date on changes taking place in your organization and the items you manage or just want to follow.

  1. Create posts and polls, enter links or upload files and share them with your followers to support communication within your organization.
  2. Read the Feed of the users and items you follow.
  3. Under Recommendations, you see a selection of users and items you might be interested in following.

Add Object Records to Chatter Feed

If you follow an account record, you receive a Chatter Feed entry when the account's details are altered. To follow an account, open the record and click the Follow button right below the account name.
To enable further object types in Chatter Feed, go to User Setup / App Setup / Customize / Chatter / Feed Tracking and enable feed tracking for the object in question.