1.1.1 Create Accounts

In an account record, you store data about companies, organizations or clients. Here you manage your Agencies and Advertisers. You can also enter data about partners or competitors.  Contacts and accounts are the main CRM component in ADvendio.com. Employees  by of those companies are managed as the account's "contacts".

Create a New Account

To create a new account, you have two options how to proceed: One option is to use the Create New drop-down menu on the left-hand side of your window (1). This menu is available on almost all the tabs' main pages. The second option is to open the Accounts tab. There, click the New button (2).

If you want to check first if the account already exists, go through the list of contacts in the Accounts tab or enter the account's name in the search field.

Select Account Record Type

In order to classify your account records, there are different types you choose from when you first create a record. The types Agency, Client, Intermediary, and Competitor are available. Depending on the record type, different fields and functions are available. For example, you cannot list media campaigns under a competitor. Pick one and click Continue.

Account Information

Now enter basic information on the account. As usual, the fields marked with a red bar are required information (1), e.g. Account Name and Account Currency. The latter is essential because the selected currency is later applied to proposals and order confirmations.
If applicable, you can add a parent account either by inserting the account's name in the field or by using the look-up function (2).

Addresses and Additional Information

In the next section, enter address information. If billing and shipping address are identical, use the copy function (1).
Next, you can assign a priority to classify the value of your account (2). Choose a value from the picklist to signal to yourself and to others the priority of this account.

Enter Revenue Information

Optionally enter information about the past, present, and future revenue.


Account Revenue Information is based on the account's media campaigns in ADvendio.com. If media campaigns exist, these fields will be filled out automatically. As a result, manually entered values may be overwritten by revenue amounts stated in media campaigns.

To complete or quit the creation of the account, click Save or Save & New.