2.1.7 Account Revenues/Turnover

Each account record offers an extensive overview of past, present and future revenues per calendar year. The information is automatically updated, depending on the account's media campaigns' gross amounts.  Watch our video here Account Revenues.

Revenue Information

The Revenue Information is displayed under the account detail. It consists of the following eight fields:

  • Total Revenue Next Year
  • Total Net Revenue Next Year
  • Total Revenue This Year
  • Total Net Revenue This Year
  • Total Revenue Last Year
  • Total Net Revenue Last Year
  • Total Revenue Year Before Last
  • Total Net Revenue Year Before Last

All values display calendar year amounts. If you change one of the account's media campaigns' statuses to "booked", the campaign's gross amount will be added to the correspondent calendar year. The value will be updated automatically as soon as you re-open the account.


If early in the year you receive old data in those revenue fields please inform your administrator to reschedule the calculation. More information here: 7.1.6 Schedule Account Revenue Calculation