2.1.5 Create Views

With a view you can limit and organize the display of account records. With a few steps you can create a customized option how you wish to display contacts.


Choose a View

Per default you have a few views available, e.g. 'My Accounts' - those are all the contacts owned by you. Choose a view from the pick-list and click Go! (1) to apply the view's filter criteria to the list of contacts.
If you would like to change the display of results, you can either edit an existing view or create a new one (2).

Create New View

In Step 1 of creating a new view, enter the view's name and a unique name. If you enter the view name first, a click in the unique name's field will fill out this field automatically.
In the second step, you need to specify the records shown in this view. You can filter by owner and/or by additional fields.

Organize Fields to Display and Visibility

In Step 3 you define the appearance of the view when applied to your account records. Add or remove fields, change the order - customize the fields to display according to your taste and needs.
As a last step, you have to set the visibility options. A view can either be visible to you only, to all users or to previously defined groups of users.
To complete the process of creating a new view click Save.