2.1.13 Account Billing Information

The Account record can contain many important pieces of information about how payments should be processed and handled for the given account. 

Credit Rating and Solvency

Version 2.85 and up

If you are working with customers you always have some "black sheep" between them. In order to show your sales reps which customers are paying and which are not you can use the field Solvency in your account records. Choose between the three options Good, unknown and Bad which will also trigger to show a red/yellow or green light. 

You have the option to fill out this field manually by your accounting team or use external data which you import to set this indictor.

Payment Method / Payment Processing

Version 2.89 and up

You can now store the payment method (Credit Card, Direct Debit, Payment in Advance, Invoice) in the account record. Depending on who the debtor is for you media campaign this information automatically transfers into your media campaign.

Please notice that the field is using a Picklist Value Set Edit Picklist Values Sets (Global Picklists) and the values need to be active for the respective record type. If not working contact your administrator. 

Payment Information

For invoices set to be dispatched via email, the invoice email to be used is set on the Account record. Additional emails can be configured on the Media Campaign level.

Payment Interval, Start, Due to

The Payment Interval, Payment Start and Payment Due to are all ways to configure when and how often invoices are created for a Media Campaign. These are configured directly on the Media Campaign. For more information, see here.

The beginning of the week is by default Monday (ISO 8601, but can be modified in your Administration Settings or  7.2.6 Configured in your Legal Entities.)