1.1.8 Why do I need to confirm certain processes

Affected Version:

2.130 and higher


While using certain features or clicking certain buttons, there is suddenly a confirmation dialog coming up, which wasn’t there before. What does this mean?


First of all, there is nothing changed with the features you’re using, this additional confirmation is part of our latest security update, with version 2.130. Once you click the yes or continue button, the process will start as before.

This change will affect the following features and buttons:

Why are we doing this?

All of these features are in one way or another changing your data once they run. In order to provide a high security and transparency for your user and prevent Cross Site Request Forgeries, we decided to include an additional confirmation. So that if you, by mistake click any of these buttons and actions, your data will not be changed immediately.

This enhancements is part of a larger security update with Version 2.130, ensuring that we also meet the high security standards of the Salesforce app exchange and provide the best possible protection for you and your users.


No specific setup needed.